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Simple Needs

I have a question this morning…

What simple thing do you need today?

Not anything huge like a million dollars or a free new car or anything like that, but something relatively simple that would really make your day.

I need a pedicure, BADLY.

The last time I had one was a few days before Jesse was born, 5 1/2 months ago. I have done a good job of keeping my toenails from resembling talons, but my lower appendages really are looking atrocious. I’ll spare you the ugly details. I have no trouble giving myself regular manicures. I cannot justify spending good money on that because of how quickly a manicure would be ruined. The life of a stay-at-home mom to two little boys is not conducive to keeping a beautiful manicure for more than a day. Dishes, laundry, playing, cleaning agents, and all the typing I do would ruin a $40 manicure in less than a day. However, a pedicure would last me a good long while.

I don’t often splurge on things such as this. Like I said, the last one I had was shortly before Jesse was born because as any mama knows, it’s tough to reach your feet when you’re nearing the end of your pregnancy. Before that, I hadn’t had a pedicure since the day before my wedding, nine months before Jesse came along.

As soon as pay day gets here, I am taking $20 and heading to the nearest salon for an hour to let someone else work some magic to turn these hooves back into smooth, well-kept feet. It will make my day for the next six months or so. 🙂

What simple thing would help you out? Does it require a small investment, or is it a service that a friend could do for you?