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Wild Lizard in the House

There has been a five-lined skink in my house for 4 days now. He’s about 6 inches long and is apparently enjoying himself too much to leave. I opened the back door almost a week ago to fetch a rug that had been washed and was laying out on the patio drying in the sun. As I flipped it to get a few leaves off, the skink ran out from underneath and into the house before I could shut the door.

About once or twice a day I spy him but each time I am inevitably trapped under a toddler being rocked to sleep or I’m nursing the baby. Either way I can’t just jump up and catch him; and by the time I’m available, Mr Lizard is nowhere to be found. 😦 Last night I was carrying Julie to her room to change her diaper and the not-so-little lizard ran across my path, scaring a shriek right out of me.

What’s more aggravating is that my 130-pound dog is too lazy to care. He doesn’t notice the lizard running across the carpet, doesn’t search for it after he clearly watches him slither under the sofa. He didn’t even so much as lift his head when I pointed the lizard out to him and excitedly told him to “Git It!”

At this point I might as well name the lizard and start feeding him like part of the family since he seems to have made himself at home. If I can’t get him to go back outside maybe I can lure him to the garage somehow, that’s where the roaches and spiders hang out during the summer and the skink can have a buffet.

Update: Yeah, there’s nothing like having the thing scare the poop out of your toddler when it runs *over his foot*. We were watching Cat in the Hat cartoon (for the umpteenth time) and I saw it hurry out from under the big chair and right across Jesse’s foot. Jesse about leaped out of his skin and flung himself into my lap. I walked with him to the kitchen where we just barely saw the little guy slide under the fridge. Now Jesse is holding on to my neck refusing to let me put him down. It’s a little bit funny to ask him “Where’s the lizard?” He gets a worried look on his face, breathes heavily for a couple of pants, and tightens his hold around my neck. At least I don’t have to worry about Jesse finding the thing and playing with it. Eew.


Gross Things Boys Do

Not all boys are gross, but my preschooler definitely can be sometimes.

I won’t go into the details of all of the yucky things he does, but one thing from this morning just HAS to be shared.

Due to the way our house sits, the sun shines into Jeremy’s window first thing every morning before it reaches the other windows in the house. He wakes up and comes to snuggle in bed with me until we decide to get up. That’s all very wonderful and not at all gross. This is…

Jeremy snuggling Rusty

While I was snuggling my boy, the dog snuggled between us with his face scrunched up right behind Jeremy’s behind. You see where this is going don’t you? Everything was quiet and then Jeremy let a “big one” rip right into Rusty’s face. It wouldn’t have been nearly as funny had Rusty not gotten super excited and started grabbing onto Jeremy’s pajamas trying to roll him over and over to be able to smell every inch of him. In doing so he was tickling my very ticklish 3-year old and Jeremy could hardly catch his breath from laughing so hard.

BOTH of my boys were being gross together and it was the funniest thing! I was giggling as hard as Jeremy was and couldn’t bear to break up the pair until Rusty was convinced that he’d thoroughly sniffed all of the funky smell off the boy.

As gross as this was, the moment certainly started our day off right with my son and our dog being silly together.


Today was another fantastic family day. Jeremy woke up around 7:45 and wandered into our room to catch another thirty minutes of snuggle time. When snuggle time turned into wiggly tickle time, we went to the kitchen for a table full of waffles. Yes, my child who refuses to eat bread, has decided that he will make exceptions for pancakes and waffles. It was great.

Then we packed all of us up into the truck and took off to the huge covered flea market up near Jason’s base. We hadn’t been there before but heard good reviews from locals. I’ve gotta say, it was really awesome. The whole thing is open air but covered with permanent roofs. It boasted the usual fare of used small appliances, video games, cheap t-shirts, kid toys, and whatnot… but it also had a huge section of locally grown fruits and veggies along with a full row of puppies. We saw tons of kennels full of mini-daschunds, yorki-poos, schnauzers, and other small lapdogs. Not our style. Next up were the pit bulls and boxers. I love boxers because they are just so energetic and fun, but that’s also the problem with them. Since we’ll be bringing a new baby into the house in roughly six months, I don’t want to have a wonderful playful dog that doesn’t know it’s own size.

Then we saw the last kennel. It was staffed by two sweet young teenage boys and held seven or eight puppies. We talked to the boys about the puppies and their parents. They turn six weeks on this coming Tuesday and unfortunately their momma was hit by a car last week and couldn’t nurse them anymore. Over the last week or so the family had weaned the puppies onto small dry food instead of milk and were now looking for good homes for the little guys. The father is a redbone coonhound and the mother a bluetick coonhound. Both breeds are very alike and make good family pets. Averaging them together we should wind up with a roughly 70-pound dog a little over 2-feet tall.

This family are not professional or backyard breeders like a lot of the other people selling puppies today. All of the other puppies were incredibly overpriced, hundreds and thousands of dollars for about two pounds of animal. I don’t care what kind of operation you run, but I will never pay a price like that for a pet. This family was selling their little guys for $50-100. We held a few and chose the gorgeous mix that chose us. We saw a black and blue one, a totally red one, and a few others, but the one that won us over has a red body with a black muzzle, black butt, and dark black hairs mixed in with the red along his backbone. He’s the only one who snuggled up to Jeremy’s neck and licked his face, all the others just laid in our arms.

We took the little guy back to the truck with us, named him Rusty for his copper-colored head, made a pit stop at Petsmart for food and a leash/collar/tag, and brought him home. Rusty suits us just perfectly. He’s playful and well-behaved. Since he’s so very young, we can start training him immediately and not have to train out any bad habits picked up from another owner. Both Jason and I have always rescued animals from the pound or rescue agencies, but we really wanted to start with a puppy this time.

After chasing Jeremy back and forth across the house while I made lunch, Rusty plopped down in his new bed and totally crashed out.

Isn’t he just beautiful? He’s very sweet and nibbles softly at earlobes and fingers and toes.

We do need to work on potty training starting now, but since we’re already doing it with one kid, it’s not much trouble to do the other as well. We love him, in less than 12 hours Rusty has totally invaded our hearts.