Menu Plan: September 7-15

I’m back to planning lunches as well as dinners. I’ve been taking it far too easy on myself for the last several months and our lunches have turned into quick nachos in the microwave or the kids and I eat a lunchtime snack while Jason eats at the galley at work more often because I just haven’t been making lunch. How sad is that?

Friday, September 7:
Rehearsal Dinner

Saturday, September 8:
Wedding Dinner

Sunday, September 9:
Lunch – Pizza Quesadillas
Dinner – Meeting Jason at the galley since he’ll be at work on duty all night.

Monday, September 10:
Lunch – Korean Beef and white rice (I might skip the rice and just make these into tacos instead)
Dinner – Sweetangy Pork Chops, parmesan roasted potatoes, corn, and beer bread

Tuesday, September 11:
Lunch – tuna sandwiches
Dinner – Cheese Enchiladas and white rice

Wednesday, September 12:
Lunch – Lemon Parmesan Pasta
Dinner – Slow Cooker Pot Roast (I perfected this recipe and will share it as soon as I remember to take a picture!), “Crack Potatoes”, carrots

Thursday, September 13:
Brunch – I’m bringing this yummy casserole to MOPS.
Lunch – I’m sure there will be some yummy leftovers to clear out by now.
Dinner – Smoked Sausage Hash Bake

Friday, September 14:
Lunch – Queso Dip & salad (Holy moly, I’m pulling this one from the OLD archives. We haven’t had this in over two years and I’ve got a serious craving! Reminder to Self: Get it together and transfer this recipe with a real picture to your current blog. For goodness sake!)
Dinner – Chicken Fried Rice

Saturday, September 15: Jeremy comes home!!!
Lunch – BBQ Chicken Crescents (I’m going to use this recipe as a guide, but use barbeque sauce instead of buffalo and throw a little mozzarella cheese in there as well.)
Dinner – Million Dollar Spaghetti and I need to think of a special dessert. Think, think, think…


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