Menu Plan: August 6 – 12

It’s been over two months since Julie joined the family and though I’ve been cooking pretty regularly since we brought her home, I have finally gotten back into the swing of menu planning.

Last weeks menu brought back some old favorites and this weeks is pulling in a few new recipes that I’ve found on Pinterest and we’re really looking forward to.

Monday, August 6:

Brunch — Blueberry Buckle (I’m going to make these up tonight because somehow it’s better eaten the day after it’s baked.)

Dinner — Chinese Lemon Chicken with veggie fried rice.

Chore — Make pizza dough for tomorrow and let it rise in the fridge overnight.

Tuesday, August 7:

Lunch — We’ll be getting home from Playgroup utterly famished (as usual), so some quick mac & cheese from the famous blue box will fill the bill perfectly.

Dinner — Homemade Pizza (another one I forgot to make last week).

Baking — Banana Nut Bread (I bought extra bananas on purpose because I knew we couldn’t eat that many and I wanted to have some get extra ripe because I’ve been seriously wanting some banana bread.)

Wednesday, August 8:

Lunch — Smoked Sausage Hash Bake (I’ve got a lot of eggs hanging around and this is a great recipe that uses up 6-8 of them.)

Dinner — Daddy’s on duty, so we’re planning to clean out some leftovers.

Thursday, August 9:

Lunch — Grilled cheese sandwiches and fruit.

Dinner — Adobo Grilled Chicken (another yummy Wildtree meal from the freezer stockpile) with brown rice and sweet corn.

Chore — Make meatballs and freeze them for tomorrow.

Friday, August 10:

Lunch — Tuna salad sandwiches with carrot sticks and dip.

Dinner — Slow Cooker Hawaiian Meatballs with white rice.

Saturday, August 11:

Lunch — We’re going to a birthday party for a super sweet 4-year old of my friend Carey.

Dinner — Roasted Corn & Potato Chowder with breadsticks made from the same dough recipe as my Butterflake Rolls.

Sunday. August 12:

Breakfast — Sticky Lemon Rolls (Getting them made up the night before so I can just bake them off in the morning and glaze them.)

Linner — I’m going to have to give this a little bit more thought. I’m out of ideas for now.


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