1 Month Old Already!

The time has really flown. Jason was home with us for Julie’s first two weeks and the time really moved nicely. Not too slow, but we felt like there was plenty of time to enjoy our new family without being rushed or like time was standing still. However, the last few weeks have gone by so quickly I could hardly believe it when it was time to take Julie for her 1-month check-up with the doctor.

She did really well. Her jaundice is all cleared-up, her little bit of baby acne is gone, and she gained two full pounds in the two weeks since we were there last. Incredible weight gain! Julie girl is a champion eater and a professional napper. She sleeps most of the day away and only wakes up to nurse every 2 hours or so and when she’s wet. As soon as her needs are met she’s right back to sleep. Same thing at night except she’ll go about 4 hours between feedings. Usually her last one is at 10 pm, then she’ll be down until around 2 am and go back to sleep until just before 6:00 when Jesse normally comes in to wake us all up.

I’m enjoying her so much. True, she’s still an infant and though she mostly sleeps all the time, it’s pretty special during the few hours a day that I get to be with her while she’s awake. We just sit and rock and stare at each other 😉 and I love it. She’s not smiling on purpose quite yet, but she flashes some really sweet grins in her sleep. Speaking of sleep, this girl continues the loud sleeping tradition that my kids seem to have started. Jeremy talks and mumbles in his sleep, Jesse snores like a freight train, and Julie grunts and sighs really loudly all night long. It’s not enough to keep us awake, but it’s funny.

See my sweet girl! This neat little “newborn napper” came with the new pack ‘n play. The inside is really softly quilted which keeps her nice and cool and it has a vibrate feature which she loves. She sleeps in this pretty often at my feet in the living room while I knit, on the dining room table, and even hangs out in it while she’s awake and keeps me company in the kitchen. The weight limit is 15 pounds, so she’s only got a few more weeks to enjoy this but then we’ll transition her to a bouncy seat.

I have two wonderful friends who gave us these neat sets of white onesies to take Julie’s monthly pics in. Tracy gave us a set that has cute stickers to put on their belly and Carey made a set with iron-on numbers. I think they’re both great and am looking forward to sharing how big my girl is getting throughout her first year. After that I’ll need to find some other way to mark her growth along with the boys.

I wrote this post a couple of days after she hit the 1-month mark, but I didn’t get around to snapping pictures in her onesies until she was suddenly almost 6 weeks old. At that point she was tipping the scales at just over 12 pounds. Big girl!

Never to be out-done, Jesse saw me taking pictures of his sister and requested one of himself too. The boy has been wearing that bucket as a hat for days. Silly kid!

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