Wild Lizard in the House

There has been a five-lined skink in my house for 4 days now. He’s about 6 inches long and is apparently enjoying himself too much to leave. I opened the back door almost a week ago to fetch a rug that had been washed and was laying out on the patio drying in the sun. As I flipped it to get a few leaves off, the skink ran out from underneath and into the house before I could shut the door.

About once or twice a day I spy him but each time I am inevitably trapped under a toddler being rocked to sleep or I’m nursing the baby. Either way I can’t just jump up and catch him; and by the time I’m available, Mr Lizard is nowhere to be found. 😦 Last night I was carrying Julie to her room to change her diaper and the not-so-little lizard ran across my path, scaring a shriek right out of me.

What’s more aggravating is that my 130-pound dog is too lazy to care. He doesn’t notice the lizard running across the carpet, doesn’t search for it after he clearly watches him slither under the sofa. He didn’t even so much as lift his head when I pointed the lizard out to him and excitedly told him to “Git It!”

At this point I might as well name the lizard and start feeding him like part of the family since he seems to have made himself at home. If I can’t get him to go back outside maybe I can lure him to the garage somehow, that’s where the roaches and spiders hang out during the summer and the skink can have a buffet.

Update: Yeah, there’s nothing like having the thing scare the poop out of your toddler when it runs *over his foot*. We were watching Cat in the Hat cartoon (for the umpteenth time) and I saw it hurry out from under the big chair and right across Jesse’s foot. Jesse about leaped out of his skin and flung himself into my lap. I walked with him to the kitchen where we just barely saw the little guy slide under the fridge. Now Jesse is holding on to my neck refusing to let me put him down. It’s a little bit funny to ask him “Where’s the lizard?” He gets a worried look on his face, breathes heavily for a couple of pants, and tightens his hold around my neck. At least I don’t have to worry about Jesse finding the thing and playing with it. Eew.

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