Fishy Kids

Since Jeremy is tall enough to stand up in the pool and have his head above water, we often let him put on his life vest and swim out there by himself or with his friend Justin from next door. I can see the entire pool from my kitchen and living room windows (which is where I am all day long), so they are always in full sight and I don’t have to sit out there in the hot sun. Jeremy and his friend have so much fun out there, they just crack me up.

A couple of days ago we took Jesse out there too. He asks all the time to go in the pool but once we get him out there he just clings to Jason or I am won’t let go. Well, the only way to conquer a fear is to face it and I really don’t want Jesse to be afraid of the water. If he starts to love it at two years old hopefully he will learn to swim sooner. All the kids in my family were raised swimming like fish, so I’d really love for my kids to love the water as well. After lots of clinging and fretting, Jason finally got Jesse to float on his back with his life vest and sunglasses on. He went from locking his arms around our necks to relaxing back and just holding onto a finger. We think he may have actually fallen asleep for a few minutes because he eventually let go of Jason’s finger and floated across the pool.

Feeling that it was about time for Julie to wake up from her nap, I went and changed her into a super cute bathing suit. It is a little big now, but probably should fit her through the summer. I figured that she would wake up as soon as I got her a little bit wet (because she so far hates bath time); that definitely wasn’t the case. Thinking it would be a cute photo opportunity, I nestled her into one of the star-shaped swim rings and held her butt up with one hand while I snapped a pic with the other. She wiggled a little and then went right back to sleep in her ring for another 15 minutes or so. She likely would have stayed that way for a while longer but I hadn’t put sunblock on her and didn’t want her to get too much sun.

Just like last summer, Jeremy has been taking swim lessons three times a week for the past month. Last summer he learned a little but mostly just gained confidence in the water. This year he learned to swim and isn’t scared of the water one bit. He’s still doing a modified dog paddle, stretching out just a bit more though, but he’s definitely capable of swimming. He can do a front float, back float (even though he sinks pretty quickly). He also loves to do what he calls an “ice cube float” which is the opposite of floating. He tucks his legs up and rolls into a ball and sinks to the bottom of the pool. If he’d been able to participate in the July lessons as well as the June, I’m sure he’d be mastering at least the freestyle this summer. Hopefully while he’s in California he won’t forget all that he’s learned before he gets back in September.

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