Julie Joy is here!

I’ve been enjoying our family so much during Jason’s 2 weeks off of work, that I completely forgot to post that our sweet Julie Joy has arrived!

This time was different than my other two deliveries. We scheduled the induction for Friday the 25th (5 days before our due date), arranged childcare for the boys, woke up early, stopped for a little breakfast, and went off to the hospital to have the baby just like if we were heading to a hotel for a vacation. It was totally weird.

This labor was also super fast. With Jeremy my back labor started on it’s own around bedtime and he arrived about 13 hours later after I had an epidural, my water broken, an episiotomy, and vacuum assist. Oi! With Jesse my water broke on it’s own in the middle of the night and he arrived around 8 hours later (just before lunch) with only a single dose of Nubaine to take the edge off.

Here I am at 39 weeks + 3 days, my last day being pregnant.

When we got to the hospital I was 3 cm dilated at the top of my cervix and 4 cm at the bottom. Julie was induced at 8 am when the doctor broke my water and our favorite nurse started a pitocin drip. We were super lucky that this time we were assigned the same labor & delivery nurse that we had with Jesse. Nurse Wanda is incredible and was as great this time as she was two years ago. By 10:30 am I was 80% effaced and 5 cm dilated all the way through. Contractions were coming regularly 4 1/2 minutes apart; uncomfortable but not painful yet since I was still knitting and chatting through them. An hour later we were 90% effaced and dilated to 7 cm. I gave up the knitting because I was making errors but I could still talk through the pain. One more hour at 12:45 we were 100% effaced with rough contractions less than a minute apart. I was starting to get a little shaky and dizzy in between the contractions so I asked for Nubaine to get me through the transition phase and save enough energy to push. One more hour passed, half of that spent pushing, and our precious girl was born at 1:44 pm. I must admit, I was ready to give in right there at the end and asked if it was too late for an epidural but Jason and my two delivery nurses assured me that her head was crowning and there was no time.

Our Julie Joy was 8 lb 5 oz and 20 1/2 inches long. She is the smallest and shortest baby that I’ve made so far. And here we had been worried that she’d outweigh her brothers. She’s petite, perfectly fitting the 0-3 months size clothes, and has gorgeous long fingers and a lovely head of dark red (auburn-ish) hair. So far she is a champion nurser as well. She took to it immediately and nursed so deeply right away that my milk came in the first night instead of waiting almost a week like it did with Jesse. We just love her to bits!

At her 2-week check-up, she had grown 1 1/2 inches and gained over a pound weighing in at 9 lbs 7.5 oz. She’s doing really really well. She’s still a really sleepy baby, but she wakes up every 2-3 hours to eat so we’re just counting our blessings that we have such an easy-going third baby.

A friend of mine needed a baby to practice some photography on for a class she’s taking so I volunteered our Julie. Erica took some very nice pictures, this is one of my favorites. She’s wearing a vintage dress that my mom sent to me, it was one that I wore as a baby.

And now, several more pictures from the past couple of weeks….

(Click the picture to enlarge and use arrows to scroll.)

1. Jason holding his daughter in our recovery room.

2. Jeremy visited later on that evening and held his sister.

3. The first “pretty” picture of Julie with her eyes open.

4. Jason holding our two littlest the day we came home from the hospital.

5. Sweet Julie girl at 6 days old.

6. Apparently she’s tired of me taking photos of her. 😉

2 thoughts on “Julie Joy is here!

    1. JenPenM Post author

      There were several reasons behind us deciding to induce… I was getting a little nervous about her possibly being bigger than the boys and though she hadn’t stopped moving altogether, her movements were fewer and much less frequent. We also thought it’d be easier to make arrangements for the boys if we knew what day I’d be delivering. My mother-in-law watched Jeremy for a while when we had Jesse and then a friend picked him up to spend a couple nights at her house. This time we had two boys to think about and if we wound up going in the middle of the night or at some other inconvenient time, I didn’t want to have to take them with us to the hospital (we feel they’re too young to understand that labor pain is okay and didn’t want them to be scared) or have Jason drop me off at the hospital and have to run around town trying to get the boys sorted out. Lastly, after looking back at my my previous two labors, even though I went into labor on my own, I needed pitocin to keep the contractions going. We figured that if we waited for Julie to come on her own that the chances were good that I’d need the pitocin again, and if I’m going to have to get it anyway that we might as well just induce.

      It worked out really well for us and though pitocin-induced contractions are pretty hellish, it was over really fast and I’m just happy that there were no complications and I was able to do it without the epidural. That was really my main objective. I didn’t want that again and I was crossing my fingers that Julie would have a small head like Jesse and I wouldn’t tear or need an episiotomy. Which, thankfully, this time I did not have either. Healing has been 100 times easier without having to care for stitches. There was still plenty of general discomfort, but no searing pain like when you pull too hard on the stitches. I didn’t even need the Percocet prescription after we left the hospital. They wrote me one, but we didn’t fill it because regular generic Tylenol was getting the job done. After I had Jeremy I was in horrible pain and they didn’t give me any pain meds to go home with; after Jesse they wrote me Percocet and I was doing great until I ran out then I was laid up in bed for a few days because I over-did it when I had the meds. This recovery has been perfect.


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