Mouthwash for Bug Bites

This afternoon my 5-year old Jeremy thought it was a brilliant idea to dump a bunch of water on an anthill in the backyard. He thought that since they were all inside, he could drown them all at once and we wouldn’t have ants this summer. Nice thought kid, but those are fire ants and they are *really* tempermental.

Yeah, they all rushed out immediately and bit him a bunch on his toes. Of all the strange things, Listerine dabbed on took the pain and sting out instantly.

I found that little fact in a long list of home remedies for insect bite relief. I had some mosquito bites myself a couple of nights ago and ran out of hydrocortisone cream. I needed something else at 2 am and mouthwash was one of the things I had handy.

I was shocked when it worked better than the hydrocortisone! It doesn’t sting (it’s a little tingly, but not painful) and provided instant relief. I had been rubbing in the cream every couple of hours for reasonable relief (the bites still itched, but it was bearable); I only had to wipe on the mouthwash twice a day and the itch was gone . Incredible.

So when Jeremy came in screaming of the ant bites I reached for the Listerine. Again, instant relief.

I remember my great-grandmother making a paste of meat tenderizer and water for insect stings, but I didn’t have any. What we do have is lots of mouthwash. And bonus: For the first 20 minutes or so, you smell a little minty! Haha!


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