Menu Plan – Last week of March

Oh my goodness, March is almost over and that means that Jesse’s birthday is right around the corner. I can’t believe my bitty baby is going to be 2 years old already!

This is what I’ve planned to make this week:

Thursday, March 29:

I’m so excited… Jason doesn’t have to work today so I think we’ll head over to Oak Hill Farm a few minutes down the road and pick us a whole bunch of strawberries. I love them when they’re in season, so much sweeter than the rest of the year. We need lots so we can fill up our freezer like we did with blueberries last time. Sadly, Jeremy’s not here to share in the picking, but I promised him that I’d pick extra for him to eat when he comes home on the 15th.

Thai Chicken with veggie fried rice

Friday, March 30:

Chopped Steak (hamburger steak) with onion soup mix, potato cheese casserole, and corn.

Saturday, March 31:

I’m going to a Wildtree Cooking Workshop with a couple of friends. Each of us will come home with 10 meals prepped and ready for the freezer and ingredients to make 10 more. Those will come in very handy with the baby due in 10 weeks. Jason and Jesse will have to fend for themselves.

Sunday, April 1:

Breakfast: Blueberry Buckle. Can you believe that I still have over a gallon of blueberries left from when we picked a zillion of them last July?

We’re having a picnic lunch with our church family after service. After lunch there will be an Easter egg hunt for the kids, a cake walk and games. Looking forward to it!

Sandwich for a Crowd (I’m only making one of the two sandwiches, and subbing turkey for the roast beef).

Chunky Red-Skinned Potato Salad with Bacon (I’m not a fan of the typical mushy bland potato salad, but this one sounds great!)

Carrot sticks with ranch dip, homemade shortbread cookies, and strawberries stuffed with cheesecake filling.

Monday, April 2:

Ericka’s Creamy Fettuccine Toss with chicken, green salad with homemade Italian dressing, and a Cherry Dump Cake to celebrate Jesse’s birthday.

Tuesday, April 3:

I’m drawing a blank… I need to make something with ground beef because we’re having chicken on Monday and Wednesday, but I don’t want to make the same old things. Any ideas?

Wednesday, April 4:

Balsamic Chicken, brown rice, Butterflake Rolls, and sweet corn.


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