Menu Plan: Feb 15 – 21

Well then, I’ve been MIA around here for quite a long time. My last real post was at Thanksgiving and then just the other day I posted a new recipe. Other than that, Oops!

At the request of my good friend Ericka, I’m going to start putting my menu plans up here again. I’d love to blame my absence on the pregnancy (because it’s just so easy to do that!) but it’s not true. Actually, for the first trimester I was pretty miserable. Lost about ten pounds due to terrible morning sickness to a degree that I’ve never experienced before and then had to battle anemia for a while because I couldn’t keep enough food in me to hold my iron level where it was supposed to be. Anyhow, things have been great throughout the second trimester and I just didn’t think much about blogging because we were finally enjoying home life again and doing family stuff. 😀

So, here is my plan for this week…

Wednesday, February 15:

Lunch — Jesse and I were shopping at the commissary this morning and went to lunch with my friend Hiedi and her daughter Raquel at Which Wich after. Yum!

Dinner — The other half of my fantastic Which Wich club.

Thursday, February 16:

Lunch — turkey sandwiches

Dinner — Hash Bake with smoked sausage, potatoes, and eggs. I whipped this up for a MOPS meeting last week and it turned out so well that I’m going to have to write the recipe down and post it here.

Friday, February 17:

Lunch — good old mac & cheese

Dinner — Honey Sesame Chicken and white rice. I’m very very excited to try out this new recipe and add to my list of yummy Chinese dishes that i can make at home.

Saturday, February 18:

Lunch — grilled cheese sandwiches

Dinner — Jason’s favorite: Pot Roast, Crash Potatoes, and carrots.

Sunday, February 19:

Breakfast — Waffles and sausage

Linner — Enchiladas and spanish rice

Dessert — I’m not sure yet, but I feel like making something chocolatey.

Monday, February 20:

Lunch — tuna sandwiches

Dinner — Olive Garden Zuppa Toscana (without the kale) and salad (yes, I’m replacing the cooked kale, yuck, with a nice fresh side salad).

Tuesday, February 21:

Lunch — mozzarella sticks with marinara sauce and salad

Dinner — Sweetangy Pork Chops (It’s been so long, I completely forgot about this recipe. This time I’m going to take a picture for my Recipes page.) with brown rice, and sweet corn

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