Thanksgiving 2011

My wonderful husband (and the rest of his duty section) is working today and staying overnight so that other folks can be home with their families for Thanksgiving. We don’t mind, we’ll just have our big dinner tomorrow (and honestly, my 20-pound turkey needed one more day to thaw anyway).

I make a big dinner, but since I’m the only chef in the house, I only include the basics:

Roast turkey, mashed potatoes, corn on the cob, stuffing, rolls, cranberry sauce, gravy, and apple pie.

The big dishes will be homemade from scratch, but there are a few things that I take some pre-made help from. My husband prefers Stovetop stuffing to all other kinds, so we’ll go with that 5 minute boxed stuff. Cranberry sauce from a can, and gravy from a few packets because even though I can make homemade gravy this is easier and never gets lumpy or over-thickens on me.

I have never made a turkey before. The last two years Jason did the dirty work of touching the raw bird and slicing it after cooking. Before that, my Nana always did it for the family potluck holiday dinner. I know I can do it myself, but I’m a little a lot squeemish about touching raw poultry. It’s so gross. What’s worse is that I not only have to touch it to get it into the pan, I have to stick my arm inside to pull out the neck and giblets (OMG!) and wash out it’s insides. Save me!

To make tomorrow easier, I’m making the mashed potatoes and apple pie today. The mashed potatoes will be heated back up tomorrow in a casserole dish and I think homemade apple pie always tastes better the next day anyway after it’s had time to set and gel up a little after being baked. I’ll reheat the pie while we’re eating everything else tomorrow afternoon. It’ll be ready for us just as soon as we’ve made room for it.

On Pinterest I found a simple looking roll recipe that promises to be perfect in 30 minutes. I can whip those up tomorrow and bake them off while Jason is carving the bird. After that all I need to do is the Stovetop quickie stuffing, boil the corn, make fast gravy, and dish up the cranberry sauce.

Is there anything terribly important that I’m missing? The grocery store will be open tomorrow and it’s only a mile away if I need something. And don’t even suggest sweet potatoes or green bean casserole. Eew.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope your holiday is spent with people you love and lots of food. I love Thanksgiving very much, but I’m also looking forward to putting up our Christmas tree and stockings this weekend! We don’t have much for decorations around the house and haven’t amassed a ton of children’s homemade tree ornaments yet since our kiddos are still little, but we’ll put up what little we have and love it. 😀


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