Baby #3 Coming in June

I announced a couple of weeks ago on my personal Facebook page, we are expecting our third child on June 4th. We’re so very very excited and are very much looking forward to adding to our family.

We learned the news just a couple of days before we flew out to California a little over 2 weeks ago for our friends’ wedding. At that point all we’d seen is a pregnancy test, but since it was still really early on we didn’t want to announce until we’d at least seen a sonogram or heard the heartbeat. Also, a wedding is no place to announce a pregnancy, stealing the spotlight from our friends would have been pretty darn rude on a day that’s supposed to be all about them. So, we kept it to ourselves the whole trip and then once we got home went to see my doctor. He confirmed everything for us again and we got to have an ultrasound to check the due date and make sure everything looked as it was supposed to.

At this point we’re just 8 weeks into the pregnancy making our due date June 4th. Looking back at my other two pregnancies, Jason and I are amending our expectations to the last week or so of May. Jeremy arrived 10 days before his due date and Jesse joined the family exactly 7 days early. Also, our babies have gotten bigger each time. Jeremy was 8 lbs 13 oz and Jesse was 9 lbs 9 oz, my second baby was 12 oz larger after staying in for 3 days longer. During our discussion with my doctor at our first prenatal appointment this time around, he mentioned that if this baby appears to be following suit and gets really big toward the end of the pregnancy, he would like to entertain the idea of inducing when the baby’s size indicates to ensure a better chance of having as great and “easy” of a labor as we did last time. I don’t particularly like that idea, at least not until I’m more than a week past due and the baby isn’t moving as much due to lack of space and reduced amniotic fluid. I really don’t think that will be a problem, but I’m glad to know now where my doctor stands on that issue. I prefer to go into labor naturally when the baby decides she or he is ready.

To the fun stuff… We’re hoping for a little girl this time, but like we’ve told everyone already, if we are blessed with another boy we will be just as thrilled. We love our boys and whether a little girl comes along or a third brother to add to our pack, we will thank God for His blessings on our family.

As to how I’m feeling these days… I felt pretty great during our California trip, nauseous when I’d turn around in the car to talk to the boys, but that’s it. Once we got home “the sickness” set it for real. So far I haven’t actually thrown up at all, but for about two weeks I’ve felt constantly nauseous from the time my eyes open to the time I fall asleep. The last few days have been better, but I’m still not doing much. I feel bad for the family because I’ve only cooked about 3 meals over the last week and my live-in mother-in-law has been doing all the dishes. Jason’s been very helpful in lots of ways and extremely understanding, but Jesse doesn’t get it.

Ever since Jesse quit nursing (his own choice and it went well a couple of months ago) one of his favorite things has been to push up my shirt to expose my belly and snuggle his face there. It’s sweet and probably the closest feeling he can get to the way nursing felt. I’ve indulged him because when he wakes up in the middle of the night and comes into our room, snuggling my stomach gets him to fall back to sleep in moments. But lately he’s been doing more playing at it, flipping his face from one side to the other, blowing raspberries, and pushing his face inward. None of those things feel good to me with my nausea and I wind up rolling him off. After a couple of minutes he falls asleep just fine in the middle of the bed, but for the rest of the night he pokes and shoves at Jason and I. By the time morning rolls around I’m rather sleep deprived and most days I don’t get up until at least 8:30 or even 9:00.

I don’t know how Jason can get up at 6 and get to work by 7:30 every day. It would be totally impossible for me at this point. Many days it’s all I can do to keep the laundry mostly under control and keep Jesse entertained in the play room or let him follow me around to whatever I’m up to. I’m dealing with lots of food aversions right now, so cooking is just not something I have been able to consider most days. When the nausea lightens though, I pull something out of my hat that’s homemade so the family will know I’m still trying and that I love them. Other than that, I’m doing great! Our next appointment is on Veteran’s Day and I look forward to updating again after that.


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