Menu Plan: September 12-18

Well, how aggravating… This past week I only made a couple of the items from my menu plan. We ate just fine, I just relied on easy quick meals instead of the yummy things I had wanted to do. This week I went a little easier on myself and picked just a handful of new things and mixed in some old favorites. It always works better when I do it this way.

Monday, September 12:

Breakfast — cinnamon rolls (yes, the rolls that are supposed to be The Best Ever, we’ll just have to see about that.)

Lunch — snacks

Dinner — Chicken & Noodles with cheddar biscuits

Dessert — Strawberry Shortcake

Tuesday, September 13:

Lunch — tuna sandwiches

Dinner — Cran-Grape Meatballs, mashed potatoes, and sweet corn

Wednesday, September 14:

Lunch — hunt for leftovers

Dinner — Thai Chicken and white rice

Thursday, September 15:

Lunch — Deep Dish Pizza

Dinner — a nice big chef salad (and maybe some breadsticks with any leftover pizza dough)

Friday, September 16:

Lunch — Beef & Noodles with carrots

Dinner — Summer Pasta

Saturday, September 17:

Lunch — chicken fried rice

Dinner — One-Pot Pasta

Sunday, September 18:

Breakfast — Oatmeal Cherry Bars

Lunch — Irish Stew and old-fashioned yeast biscuits

Dinner — grilled chicken salad

Dessert — Apple Pie

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