Menu Plan: September 5-11

A couple of weeks ago I splurged a little and picked up a foodie magazine (Better Homes & Gardens “Best Comfort Food”) and ever since I’ve been having a fabulous time trying out so many new dishes. There are 176 recipes in this issue, a scant handful are some things that my family wouldn’t enjoy and I’ve only tried about 5 or 6. This week I’ve got another 7 on my menu plan. Very exciting!


Monday, September 5:

Lunch — Jesse and I met up with Jason at the galley for lunch since they’d planned a special barbeque meal.

Dinner — An all-time favorite of mine, Cheesy Potato Soup. It had been a long time since I’d made a pot and we enjoyed it immensely!


Tuesday, September 6:

Lunch — I have no idea, maybe something simple like tuna sandwiches or grilled cheese.

Dinner — Chicken Pot Pie with Yeast Rolls. (Both are new recipes.)


Wednesday, September 7:

Lunch — Baked Beef Ravioli (new).

Dinner — Cobb Salad sandwiches (new).


Thursday, September 8:

Breakfast — Overnight Coffee Cake (new).

Lunch — Easy cheese quesadillas after getting home from a long fun morning at MOPS!

Dinner — Pulled Pork sandwiches, funeral potatoes, and carrots.


Friday, September 9:

Fantastic leftovers for every meal. 😀


Saturday, September 10:

Lunch — Creamy Corn Chowder with Cheddar Biscuits (both new).

Dinner — Beef Ragoût with gravy (new).


Sunday, September 11:

Breakfast — Best Ever Cinnamon Rolls (new recipe from the magazine, I dunno, it’ll be tough if not impossible to beat Amy’s Mom’s Cinnamon Rolls)

Lunch — Luncheon for the volunteers after church. Since both Jason and I volunteer regularly in the nursery and I help to run the MOPS group.

Dinner — Chicken & Noodles (new recipe as well, let’s see if this is as good as my Nana’s).

Dessert — Apple Pie. Half the work is already done since I processed 5 pounds of granny smith apples a few days ago. They were close to becoming soft and there was no way we’d eat them all before they went bad. So they are peeled, cored, sliced, and hanging out in the freezer with some lemon juice to keep them from turning brown. All I need to do on Saturday night is make the pie crust, season the apples, and bake up the pie.


I’ve been needing to revitalize my menu for a while now and there’s nothing like a magazine full of comfort food recipes to usher in the start of fall.


3 thoughts on “Menu Plan: September 5-11

  1. JenPenM

    Oh my word Amy, I was making them today and everything was fine until I sliced them and left them (covered) to rise and went in the other room. In less than 10 minutes the dog had devoured half the pan! I’ll try again next weekend but for now I’m rather disheartened with all my efforts going to waste today.


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