Cherry Applesauce

Back in January (yes,over six months ago from the date of this post, I forgot this was in my Drafts folder til just now)… I was in desperate need at a very late hour for a quick applesauce recipe. I wanted to serve it warm at a MOPS meeting at church early the following morning, so I needed to cook it in my crock pot overnight.

I looked through several recipes and found that applesauce was very simple to make. So, as usual for me, I decided to wing it.  😉 I had precisely 7 apples, and the ratios I was going off of for seasoning and cooking time were using 4 apples. In order to double those ratios I needed more fruit… Rather than running to the store for a single apple (silly!), I grabbed a can of cherries from my pantry.

This turned out so so good, I was astonished! Never do I hit such a home run on the first try, especially when I wing it!

7 granny smith apples

1 can of tart cherries (not pie filling, just cherries)

1/4 cup water

1/2 tsp. cinnamon

1/4 tsp. nutmeg

1) Peel, core, and cut up your apples into large pieces. They are going to be cooking for several hours, cutting them too small will make the applesauce too soupy. We like ours with a little body left to it.

2) Stir the apples, cherries, water, and seasonings together in your slow cooker.

* I know some folks like to add a bit of sugar, we usually get our jarred applesauce unsweetened. The cherries do add a bit of tart and sweetness, but I think the cinnamon and nutmeg temper than just enough. If you think it needs it, feel free to add a touch of brown sugar.

3) Set it on Low and let it go for 6-8 hours. (If you don’t want to wait all night, turn it on high for 3-4 hours, just stir it once or twice to make sure nothing gets stuck to the bottom and sides.) (You could also stir all of this into a stock pot and cook it on the stove until the apples are very soft.)

4) When it’s done, you may want to take a potato masher to it if there are any remaining big chunks. If you prefer really smooth applesauce, you can put it through a ricer.

Enjoy! This was truly amazing warm out of the crock pot, but it was also really great cold out of the fridge when I went back for leftovers.

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