The Pics Kids Take

I tend to keep my camera in a handy spot, on the kitchen table or on the counter, usually on the lazy susan that holds our salt & pepper and napkins for mealtime. That way it’s always right there when I need to take a pic of a yummy dish I made or the kids with food all over their faces (I cannot even begin to tell you how many of those I have).

The only slight problem with this is that the kids keep taking my camera! Jeremy does it all the time. Sometimes I don’t notice because he’s stealthy and will put it right back in it’s place when he’s done playing, but then I’ll go to use it and suddenly my memory card is full. *sigh* I go through them, keep a few funny ones and delete the rest. The other day, my friend Hiedi brought her younger daughter Raquel over to hang out and make cookies with us. Well, Raquel snatched my camera and went off to take a few of her own. Here are the handful of photos I decided to keep from the both of them…

Jeremy’s pics Raquel’s pics

I shared this a couple days ago in it's own post, Jeremy's Rock Monster.

Raquel's mom Hiedi, well, from the nose down. I guess this is what you see from her angle. What a pretty smile!

My kitchen counter from hip level. Because that's important to have captured on digital film. πŸ˜‰

The inside of the toy box in the play room. I kind of like this one. Maybe I'll make it the desktop photo on the computer and freak out Jason. πŸ™‚

Another blurry one of my counter, this time with the tops of the canisters that my Nana gave me!

Here's Jesse reaching for the camera, this was seconds before he started crying because the big kids wouldn't share. Raquel fetched him his toy camera and he was fine.

Lastly, one of our chocolate lab Duke, looking very sad for some reason. Probably because Jeremy was bugging him. Oh well, he's usually rather happy, or asleep.


Another really nice one. My kitchen table, window to the backyard, Hiedi's cookbook, and a cute headband.

Do you keep any of the weird pictures that your kids take for you?


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