Rock Monster!

I know, the Veggie Tales movie The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything has been out since 2008, but Jeremy is just catching on (over the past year or so) to how awesome Veggie Tales are. We love them around here. When we had Netflix that streamed to the tv through our Wii game system, he had unlimited viewing capability of just about every Veggie Tales episode and movie. Unfortunately, we let go of our Netflix account and thus do not have so many Veggie Tales available anymore. Now we’ve only got Pirates (dvr recorded) or Wizard of Haas (on dvd). I think we need more!

Anyhow, that was a long intro to the little bitty picture post for today…

One morning while Jeremy was watching the Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything during breakfast, he created a Rock Monster of his very own out of his favorite cereal…

Jeremy took this picture himself of the Rock Monster he made with his Mini Wheats.

And, if you have never seen the hilarious Rock Monster music video at the end of the movie (a re-do of the B-52’s Rock Lobster), here you go…

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