Miscellaneous Summer Pics

Just a quickie post to share a few of my favorite snapshots from the past month or so. I haven’t written here on the blog much lately because we’ve been super busy having such a fun summer! A lot of tonight has been spent catching up though. Transcribing tons of notes on scraps of paper, editing and organizing photos, and writing writing writing.

I’ve got a post queued up for every day this week, some recipes, some stories about the kids. But I’m still left with some pics in my Miscellaneous Kids photo folder that need to be up here and only have a few sentences to go with them. So, in no particular order, here we go!…

Jesse was having an extra tough time falling asleep one night. He fought it for hours longer than usual. Finally, he crawled up onto the sofa next to Jason with his foam sword, and conked out. It was too funny not to take a picture. 🙂


In July we spent a fun afternoon at a nearby lake with a fantastic group of people from our church. We got a prime spot down on the beach right next to the roped of swimming area. The water was shallow for quite a ways and both Jeremy and Jesse had a blast playing. Jeremy even got to take a ride on Miss Kathleen’s wave runner! I snapped this photo after they came back in, but of course she had been on with him while it was moving. That was over a month ago and he still hasn’t stopped talking about that day!


This was back at our old house, one of the first times that the boys played with the same toys at the same time, together. Instead of grabbing them from each other and arguing about who was going to play with them this time, they split up the Toy Story figurines and played together. It was precious to watch. Then they noticed the flash of my camera and came to attack me!


There was an odd night when Jesse went to bed extra early. Jeremy and I seized the opportunity to play a few hands of Go Fish! Yes, his face had sloppy joe on it and we did wind up staying up just a bit later than his bedtime (didn’t even get into jammies until after 8:00), but who am I to say no to some rare one-on-one quality time with my biggest boy? By the way, he has gotten really exceptional at this game. I don’t even let him win anymore and he still beats me. I even bought him his own deck of cards with the Mickey Mouse characters on it. $1.50 from the dollar store, yes please!


Jeremy spent a couple of days with his dad when he came to visit. Jesse and Duke missed him something fierce! Jeremy fell sleep without a fuss the night he came home; Jesse spent a little time unpacking his brother’s clothes and passed out on his suitcase. As if to say “No, you don’t go again. I’ll lay on your suitcase to make sure you don’t pack it!”



Daddy got a “new to him” riding lawn mower. He has never had one before and this is the first time he ever had fun mowing the lawn. Can you see that big ol’ grin on his face? And how about Jeremy’s huge smile? It really doesn’t get any better than fulfilling a dream with a great Craigslist find. The mower is in pretty darn good shape for it’s age. We had to replace a leaky tire ($20) and it needs a coat of paint (handy how Jason happens to have a bunch of experience with that thanks to his job), but it saved us a ton of money over paying for a brand new one.



Our summer has been so full and I haven’t taken photos of everything, I’ve been participating! The few snapshots I did get are plenty to remind me of all we’ve done together as a family and that’s what matters to me.

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