When’s Dinner?

I’m getting another head start on dinner tonight. Call me elderly, but I really like having dinner on the table between 4:30 and 5 pm. It’s 3:15 in the afternoon and I’ve already got the biscuit dough mixed, garlic and herb topping waiting, and I’ll start on the pasta sauce as soon as I’m done with this quick post.

The sauce will come together in a few minutes and sit simmering on the stove til we’re ready for it. The spaghetti noodles and biscuits take just 10 minutes. I’ve got 90 minutes til I need dinner on the table but if I get everything prepped now while the baby is taking a late nap, the just-before-dinner time will be spent casually and calmly getting the table set and plates dished instead of frantically throwing a haphazard meal together.

The reason I love having dinner early is because it means that our bellies are full, my kitchen is clean, and the family is relaxing together well before 6 pm. Love it! Also, it means we’re done with kids’ bath time around 7ish with time to spare for dessert. Yum!

I used to laugh when my Nana would have us kids come in from our busy afternoon playtime at 4 to get ready for dinner that she’d have on the table no later than 5, but now I see why. Having time to spend together as a family after dinner is so much more precious than an extra hour to run around in the late afternoon sun.

When it was just Jason and I, there would be days that we wouldn’t eat dinner until 8 pm. Then we’d be up until after midnight because we were so full. That just doesn’t work with kids. Even considering the snacks they have several times between meals all day (in fact, Jeremy just came up to tell me he’s hungry), they are still starving by 6 pm and I’d rather not throw them directly into the bathtub immediately after putting the last bite of dinner into their mouths. I’d rather eat early and have 30 minutes or so to play a round or two of Go Fish or a fun board game.

What time is dinner at your house?

One thought on “When’s Dinner?

  1. Stacy

    I hate dining later than about 6, theoretically. Jobs in the video game industry do not support “family” schedules, sadly, so even when the partner’s not in crunch, there’s no way we’d eat together if I served at 6. Right now he IS in crunch so the kid and I can eat whenever we like. Between his finickiness and my aversion to cooking… procrastination often kicks in and we eat late anyway. Right now the kid has swimming lessons from 4-4:30 so we don’t get home until 5, and if I want any downtime at all before dinner, it’s unlikely it’ll happen before 7. Arg.


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