Menu Plan: August 1-7

The boys and I had a really great weekend with Jason. He came home from Pensacola where he’d been for a week at school. We missed him! Nothing huge happened, we just spent the weekend puttering around the new house getting some things done like spending some money at Lowes for move-in type stuff, finishing the kitchen baby-proofing, watching movies as a family, and stuff like that. Oh, and lots of swimming. 😀

I missed Menu Plan Monday, but I hardly ever remember to link-up anyway. So, you get my simple menu on a Tuesday. I’m taking it really easy on myself this week. I only got barely two hours of sleep in the wee hours of this morning and I’m running on fumes already at 9 am.

Monday, August 1:

Lunch — Chicken Fried Rice

Dinner — PB&J sandwiches with potato chips (I let Jeremy choose our dinner since I didn’t feel like cooking).

Tuesday, August 2:

Lunch — Hot dogs and apple slices

Dinner — Fend for Yourself! The boys and I will be babysitting/playing with our good friend Michaela for a little while this afternoon and will stop by somewhere on the way home to get dinner. If I’m ambitious, perhaps I’ll get a head start on dinner before we head to Becca’s house and mix up some homemade pasta sauce and let it cook in the crock pot for the couple of hours we’ll be gone.

Wednesday, August 3:

Lunch — Tuna sandwiches and something to snack on

Food Chore — Mix up the rolls and set them aside to rise.

Dinner — Cheeseburger Soup and homemade rolls

Thursday, August 4:

Food Chore — Prep dinner for the crock pot. Set it & forget it!

Lunch — The boys and I will be meeting up with Jason at Hank Aaron Stadium to celebrate Coast Guard Day with a bunch of other people. Jason eats free, my ticket was $5, and both kids are free. I paid an extra $2 so we could enjoy unlimited drinks the whole time we’re there. We’re looking forward to this. I heard there will be a baseball game between the Chiefs and the Officers. There will also be bounce houses and games for the kids. Can’t wait!

Dinner — Slow Cooker Lemon Garlic Chicken, mashed potatoes, and carrots.

Friday, August 5:

Lunch — Crock Pot Round Steak, brown rice, and corn. (I’m going to see how this turns out using a few t-bone steaks that I have hanging out in my freezer. There aren’t enough to make another of our awesome steakhouse dinners for everyone, but there should be plenty to serve in this fashion.)

Food Chore — I’d like to make some of these Donut Muffins, a loaf or two of Lemon Blueberry Tea Bread, and a batch of oatmeal raisin cookies to take for the weekend. I have the ingredients for all of this on-hand, and I’d much rather have homemade snack food for our trip instead of spending a ton of money on prepackaged snacks.

Dinner — Quickie quesadillas just before heading out the door for the 2-hour drive I’ll be undertaking. With any luck, both kiddos will fall asleep pretty quickly like they normally do for long drives.

Saturday, Sunday, and half of Monday:

We’re visiting Daddy in Pensacola! Still need to do a little more research into some fun things to do there. I hear from lots of people “there are tons of things to do!”, but no one ever gives suggestions. All I’ve got so far is the museum at the Naval Air Station and a restaurant (McGuire’s Irish Pub) that I happened to see on The Best Thing I Ever Ate just last night.

See, even if you don’t have any elaborate meals planned, it’s still helpful to have some kind of a plan in place for the week. If I didn’t plan out even the little stuff we wouldn’t eat very well at all and I’d probably put off cooking as long as possible and we’d eat later than usual, leading to cranky kiddos which creates a cranky mom.

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