Half Menu Plan: July 26-31

We’ve had a busy couple of weeks and I don’t see that ending any time soon. Since mid-July we’ve been preparing to move, packing, moving, unpacking, cleaning, and all the while continuing with daily life and our normal activities. Luckily, Jason took a week off of work to make the moving process a little easier, but we’re still pooped out. Then, last night he left for Pensacola to spend a few weeks at the Navy base learning composite work. Luckily, Pensacola is less than 2 hours from Mobile so while it’s too far to do a daily commute, he’ll be able to come home for weekends and we’ll go visit him for a weekend as well. 😀

I’ve got errands and plans taking me out of the house every day this week, so our meals will be super simple.

Tuesday, July 26:

Playgroup at our house! We had a fun pool party and quality time with many of our friends in our brand new play room. I really love having the space to have company over.

Lunch — Peanut butter and Ritz cracker sandwiches, apple slices.

Dinner — Spaghetti

Wednesday, July 27:

Swim lessons from 9:45-10:30 then taking the boys over to my friend Hiedi’s house. She generously offered to watch them for a while so I can *finally* finish the deep clean of our old house so I can do the walk-through with the landlord.

Lunch — McDonald’s Happy Meals for everyone!

Dinner — Grilled cheese sandwiches.

Food Chore — Pack lunches.

Thursday, July 28:

After attending the move-out inspection of our old house with our former landlord, the boys and I are heading to the splash pad park just over the border in Mississippi with our MOPS group.

Lunch — Taking a sack lunch to the park with our typical PB&J, carrot sticks, apples, goldfish crackers, chocolate chip cookies, and lemonade.

Food Chores — Scrub and boil potatoes, cool. Make tuna salad and ranch dip.

Dinner — Chopped steak (aka “hamburger steak”), funeral potatoes, and seasoned corn.

Friday, July 29:

Our last swim lesson in the morning.

Lunch — Fend for yourself! 😉 Tuna sandwiches, chips and dip.

Dinner — Cinnamon chicken (perfecting this recipe to share with you), rice, and gingered carrots.

Food Chores — Make pizza dough.

Saturday, July 30:

Daddy comes home!

Breakfast — Pancakes with strawberry topping.

Food Chores — Make cheesecake pie.

Lunch — Beef & rice enchiladas.

Dinner — Deep Dish Pizza and green salad.

Food Chores — Prep lemon rolls set in the fridge to rise all night.

Sunday, July 31:

Breakfast — I am finally going to make those Sticky Lemon Rolls that I keep putting on my menu plan and never get to. For real this time, I added them to my Food Chores so I can’t forget!!

Post-Church “Linner” — Garlic Chicken Fried Chicken, corn, lemon infused potatoes, and pull-apart herb biscuits.

Dessert — Amy’s Chocolate Chip Cheesecake Pie (perhaps with some leftover strawberries from Saturday’s breakfast).

I’ve been having fun linking to my friend Ericka’s new recipe blog, Island Honey Foods. Another good friend of mine Shelly just started one as well, Sweet & Savory Shelly. I need to start browsing around there. Not sure what I’ll find but I know that Shelly is a great cook and I may need to change I rewrote a couple days of my menu plan this week to fit in a couple of her recipes. You can definitely expect to see more of her and Ericka’s recipes featured here in the future.

At some point amongst all of that cooking I am going to take some pictures of our new house to post here. I’ve got so much I want to say, but I’m holding out for photos.

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