Blueberry Picking!

Today we spent a gorgeous summer morning picking blueberries. Jason has the day off so we got up early, tossed the kids in the car and headed over to Betty’s Berry Farm to pick tons of blueberries. It was such a fun family outing!

Betty’s blueberry bushes were huge, most of them towered over Jason’s head making them well over 6 feet tall, and they were heavy laden with delicious ripe berries. Jeremy did a great job picking from his level down on the lower branches and Jesse snagged a few from his perch up on Jason’s shoulders. Altogether we filled 2 buckets in about an hour, plus the several handfuls we ate while we were working out in the field.


quart pound 9 lbs.
Betty’s Berry Farm $1.62 $1.50 $13.50
Winn Dixie grocery $2.99 $2.65 $23.92



When we weighed our haul, it turned out to be over 10 pounds of berries. We only had $13 in cash and forgot the checkbook at home, so we had to put back a pound or so. Betty’s farm is only about 30 minutes from our house and you pass a beautiful lake on the way there. She sells her berries for $1.50 per pound if you pick them yourself or $2.50 per pound for some that she has already picked for you. At the grocery store yesterday blueberries were priced at $2.99 for a 1-quart container. The 9 pounds that we came home with measured at 8 quarts, they would have cost us about $24 plus 10% tax (yes, we are taxed on food here in Alabama). At Betty’s we paid $1.62 per quart, and no tax, plus we had a great family outing that was tons more fun than going to the boring old grocery store. 😉



9 pounds of handpicked blueberries

Simple things such as picking your own blueberries with your husband and children, enjoying the warm summer morning and getting some sun…. I think that’s a Finer Thing!

We will definitely head back over there next week so we can stock up for the year before blueberry season ends on July 15th. I’m going to fill my freezer!

4 thoughts on “Blueberry Picking!

  1. Stacy McKenna Seip

    Look how big your boys are getting!!!

    I keep meaning to go to the local pick-ur-own but every time I seem to get around to having time, it’s just too darn hot for em to want to schlep out there…

  2. Jennifer Medlock Post author

    They really are getting huge Stacy. How is V? It’s been a long time since we’ve seen you guys.


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