Am I the Walrus? Who’s on First?

To expound on my cryptic and weird Facebook status from this morning…

Today is not Saturday, it’s Friday again. Tomorrow is Sunday and Monday is Saturday. Don’t question it, I understand but don’t get it either. I’m tired. Can you tell? Reading that again I feel like I said “I am, He is, You are, He is, You are me, and we are all together. Hohoho Hehehe Hahaha”

Remember when I wrote about Jason being amazingly lucky in his work scheduling not long ago? Yes, that was a really awesome week and a half. Well, he told me it would come around and bite us in the butt and did it ever! This past week has been harsh.

Him Me/Kids Family Time
Monday Regular work day. Get up early, take Jeremy across town to day camp. Get home just in time to have an hour for lunch and turn around to go pick up Jeremy. Adopt a new dog. More on that in an upcoming post.
Tuesday Oncoming overnight ready crew duty. Goes in later in the afternoon, but doesn’t get to come home for dinner. Goes to class on base. Sleeps at work. Get up early, dog to the vet, playgroup, then boot camp workout, lunch, then I’m the only parent all night til the next afternoon. Jason gets to hang out with the kiddos while I’m gone and I get them when he’s gone. But he and I are almost like ships passing in the night.
Wednesday Regular work day, but has been at work all night so it’s extra hard. Up early again, Jeremy to day camp across town. I’m really hating this 45 minute drive each direction 4 times a day. Home just in time to throw something together for lunch and head back out again. Early dinner, church in the evening. My friend Melissia’s last night in Mobile, moving in the morning. A bunch of us meet at our frozen yogurt place for a couple hours. I miss kid’s bedtime. Again, hardly see my husband even though he’s technically home that night.
Thursday Should have been a regular work day, but he took the ready crew duty for a friend. That means another overnight stay. Since he can’t leave base, he has to miss his other class which is held on a different base in Biloxi. No boot camp for me, instead drove across the border to the splash pad in Mississippi with our MOPS group. Lots of fun in the sun but very tiring. None together. Kids and I were gone while Jason was home in the morning. We got here just before he needed to leave for work.
Friday Instead of a regular work day, Jason got to go on a canoe trip down a nearby river with his coworkers. The morale day went well until one guy ruined it for everyone. I won’t get into specifics, but it left Jason feeling like he would have rather stayed at work instead of going on what was supposed to have been a fun trip. I put a lot of work into baking a bunch of monster cookies to send and the guy was messing around and dumped them and my two favorite big tupperware boxes into the river. Never to be seen again. I am beyond tired. Everyone acts badly in the morning (including me, I had a bad mama moment). Jeremy doesn’t like “Exploreum School” and I am not loving the several drives I have to take for it. We decide not to go to the last day. I forgot to mention it to my friend Nemesis and she went anyway, I was going to meet her there and hang out. Bad friend moment. Finally everyone’s home at the same time… but we’re all exhausted. At least we had a good home-cooked meal.
Saturday Duty again. If it was Mon-Fri, this would be a regular work day, home for lunch and dinner and sleep at home. Unfortunately it’s a weekend, which means this is a sleepover duty night. Jason will work all day, stay there for all meals, sleep there again tonight, and be on call all night just in case something happens. He’ll come home just in time for church tomorrow, tired as a dog. This is where I get to my weird Facebook status. It does not feel like a weekend day to me. No babysitter, so no boot camp this morning. Had to get up early anyway and take Jason to work. I’m feeling extra tired an emotional and had another bad mama moment. Jeremy’s happy and playing, Jesse’s napping, and I got a bunch of laundry folded. Stuff that we had forgotten about and had been looking for “Mom, where’s my favorite shirt?”, I dunno kiddo. Dust bunnies ate it. “Honey, I thought for sure that I had more underwear than this.”, Impossible dear, everything you have is clean and put away. “Oh man, I totally thought that I caught up on laundry, there’s the rest!”, Dang. Not going to be any time with the whole family til tomorrow. At least everyone is happy for the moment. Maybe later the boys and I will visit Jason at work and bring him some dinner and cookies so he won’t have to eat at the galley again.
Sunday Will feel like Sunday because we’ll have a good breakfast instead of cereal or a Nutrigrain bar. We’ll go to church as a family and come home to a late afternoon hot lunch. Skip dinner and have an early-evening tasty dessert.
Monday Will feel like Saturday because Jason will be off work (because he’s working on the Saturday before). We’ll do our usual “family day” stuff and hopefully fit in some blueberry picking.

Whew! Looking at Jason’s schedule next week, it appears “normal” with his usual two nights of class and without any overnight duty. No day camp for Jeremy and I only have one short commitment on each day. Not so bad. Then Jason gets three days off in a row for Independence Day. Family time coming right up! Oh wait, Independence Day is in July, how in the world is it almost July and what happened to June? I’m lost again.

Have you ever seen the Abbot & Costello skit, “Who’s on First?” It’s hilarious, and it’s how I feel right now. I’m trying my best to cover all the bases, but I can only be on one at a time and I have no idea who’s got the others. Maybe this mixed with a little bit of Twister. Oh geez.


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