Menu Plan: June 20-26

The weather is HOT HOT HOT here in southern Alabama (and pretty much everywhere else). As much as Mama would love a loaded chef’s salad every day til winter, we play hard in the heat and like to have a warm hearty meal on the table at least once a day. Heating up the oven sounds like an awful idea, so I’m going to cook smart by utilizing my crock pots as much as possible and try to make some dishes the evening before so I can heat them up in my big toaster oven later on.

Monday, June 20:

Lunch — Leftover Pizza Skins (yum!)
Dinner — Smoked sausage & fried potatoes with fresh pineapple

Tuesday, June 21:

Lunch — Tuna salad sandwiches with carrot sticks and ranch dip
Dinner — Chili Lime Chicken (testing out a new recipe before I post it here), rice, corn, and lemon bars

Wednesday, June 22:

Lunch — Hamburger steak, cheesy potato casserole, and carrots
Dinner — Chicken noodle soup and corn muffins

Thursday, June 23:

Lunch — sack lunches at the splash pad
Dinner — Spaghetti with meatless red sauce

Friday, June 24:

Lunch — Macaroni & cheese, ants on a log (peanut butter filled celery with raisins)
Dinner — Cran-grape meatballs (perfecting another new recipe before posting), garlic mashed potatoes (these are so awesome, you’ve got to try them!), carrots, chocolate-cherry cobbler

Saturday, June 25:

Lunch — Fajitas, spanish rice and corn
Dinner — BBQ chicken, lemon garlic parmesan pasta, and carrots

Sunday, June 26:

Breakfast — Waffles and sausage
Post-Church “Linner” — Homemade deep dish pizza and tossed salad
Dessert — Lemon Supreme Pie (wasn’t able to make it this past weekend, so it shows up here again)

I’m also going to try to remember to take more food pictures. I realized that some of my recipes are lacking pictures completely or have pics that don’t show up the food as well as I’d like. Here’s to more appetizing food pictures!


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