Menu Plan: June 15-19

I’ve been having a hard time planning our menus lately. The summer heat has been killing our appetites and my previous menus have been getting only half eaten. So I’ve been planning ahead just 2-3 days and haven’t posted about it. It’s been working just fine, but with our schedules about to pick up soon I decided to go ahead and plan out the rest of the week with some tasty meals.

Wednesday, June 15:

Lunch — Simple quesadillas. I need to make some homemade cream of chicken soup this afternoon to use in two different recipes that I have planned for later in the week. I’ve been wanting to try this homemade version, hoping it will be just as good so I won’t have to buy the pricey little cans anymore!
Dinner — Jeremy’s favorite: Hot dogs on the grill, ranch potatoes, and corn on the cob. Afterward Jeremy’s going to help me make strawberry shortcake for dessert!

Thursday, June 16:

Lunch — Pizza Skins. I’ve been wanting for a while to recreate my favorite appetizer/meal from Uno’s Pizzeria. I’m looking forward to it! Look for the recipe later this week.
Dinner — BBQ at my friend Karen’s house. She won a contest from the tv news station and Sonny’s is going to cater dinner for a whole bunch of us!

Friday, June 17:

Lunch — The boys and I are meeting up with friends at the Exploreum and taking a sack lunch to eat there. I hope to have time on Thursday to make some homemade granola bars to share.
Dinner — Cheesy Mexican Chicken, rice, and carrots. My friend Ericka has been busy posting her recipes to the brand new blog Island Honey Foods that I set her up with a few days ago. I’m going to be trying out lots of them in the coming days and weeks.

Saturday, June 18:

Lunch — One-Pot Pasta with garlic butter parker house rolls. If I get these rolls right, look for the recipe next week!
Dinner — Slow Cooker Lemon Garlic Chicken with cheesy potato casserole and corn.

Sunday, June 19 — Father’s Day:

Breakfast — Carrot Pancakes with cream cheese spread. Jason loves carrot cake, and when I saw that Ericka posted a recipe for carrot pancakes I couldn’t think of a better special breakfast for Father’s Day.
Lunch — Jambalaya and corn muffins. I plan on getting this all prepped the night before and perfecting the slow cooked method to update the recipe.
Dinner – We tend to have a pretty big meal for lunch on Sundays since we’re starving immediately after church, so if we’re hungry around dinnertime we’ll snack on popcorn or peanut butter and crackers. Then we’ll have Lemon Supreme Pie for dessert!

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