Trying to Get in Shape

A handful of my friends and I have started a new workout. Bodies By Cindy, a local group of personal trainers, has started offering free boot camp classes twice a week on the Coast Guard base at lunchtime. They have also invited us to their free Saturday morning classes. I did all three workouts this past week and though I felt like I was going to pass out on Tuesday, I was doing much better on Thursday. This morning was pretty rough, but I got through it.

I am most definitely carrying quite a few extra pounds, and when we run or do jumping jacks I can feel all of the extra going up and down. After I had Jeremy my body bounced back pretty quickly, but I realized that an extra 10 stayed with me. 😦 Over his first few years I came to accept my new size and figured it was just what moms dealt with. No biggie. My new weight was still considered “average” for a woman my height, so I really didn’t worry about it. After I had Jesse, the breastfeeding helped me to drop most of the baby weight really quick, but again, 10 pounds stuck around – yes, on top of the 10 I had been holding on to for the past 4 years. 😦

My little boy is over a year old now and I’ve still got those 10 pounds, which means I’ve gained 20 pounds in the last 5 years. Uncool. It’s high time to get rid of it!

I have a hard time joining gyms and staying motivated because generally I don’t like working out alone. Yes, I know that at a gym you are not alone, but if I’m with people I don’t know I consider myself alone. I don’t know how to use the equipment and I really just feel ridiculous. I do much better in a class setting with people I know to help keep me motivated. These boot camp classes are exactly what I’ve been needing.

I totally ate it when running down a hill on the first day. Scraped up my forearm pretty good, but I kept going. Thursday I had to modify some exercises so I didn’t have to go down on my elbows. Now I have a beautiful itchy scab but I expect to be all healed up by next week. All in all I’m feeling fantastic, sore in places I didn’t know could get sore, but it reminds me that I’m doing a good thing for myself.

What’s funny is that I’m also making some little changes in our eating habits. At home I am the chef, so I set the menu and prepare all the food. Once in a while I leave the family to fend for themselves, but that’s rare. I’ve realized some of what I’m making isn’t all that good for us, but it’s really tasty. For the last week’s menu plan I’ve cut down on the heavy “meat & potatoes” meals and added more sandwiches and other light meals. So we’re having a filling meal (with correct portion sizes kept in mind) once a day and a lighter meal once a day. Breakfast is always whatever you can find because I don’t make that every day.

I’ve also cut down my sweet tea addiction. I was going through a full gallon by myself over just 3 or 4 days. Jason was going through Diet Coke like crazy. He has switched to sugar free lemonade (Crystal Light) and having a diet soda once in a while. I have limited my tea to just two glasses a day. Once in the morning (like a substitute for most people’s morning cup of coffee, I don’t drink coffee) and once in the afternoon. Ice water for the rest of the day. I have noticed some headaches stemming from what I think is caffeine withdrawal, but I can deal with that til I get used to my new intake.

Major thanks to my friends Ericka, Kara, Melissia, Brittney, Tonya, and Lisa for coming together and keeping all of us motivated. Pushing us when we want to give up. And reminding us to show up when we want to stay home and relax. I’ve rejoined a Facebook group comprised of my California friends who are all trying to get in better shape, so I’ll be keeping my blog up to date with my progress and use Team Zombie for another level of accountability.


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