Lucky Dog!

I think my husband Jason is a pretty darn awesome guy. He’s a wonderful husband and the best father our children could have ever dreamed of. Jason works hard to support his large family and he loves us so very much that it shows in his big happy smile every day. Great guy, huh?! I thought so. 🙂

Here he is looking cool. Not smiling, but I love this picture of him.

Well, on top of all his usual wonderfulness, he must have done something extra good to get as lucky as he did this past week…

Last Friday he went to work at 7 like usual, and was home by 8 am. I was still in my jammies having breakfast with Jesse. Me, perplexed, “Hello, my love! What are you doing home already, forget something?” Jason, with a huge grin on his face, “I’m done working for the day.” And that started our loooooooong weekend…

For the holiday weekend, the Coast Guard moves shifts around so that everyone gets 3 days in a row. Some might not get Memorial Day itself, but they will get 3 days around Memorial Day to celebrate with their families. Jason was supposed to work all day Friday and get Saturday, Sunday and Monday off. He worked for 1 hour and essentially received Friday through Monday (4 days off so far). Had it been a regular (non-holiday) schedule, he would have had duty on Saturday and had a sliding weekend day on Tuesday. The holiday schedule over-rode the regular schedule, but since it ended Monday, he still got his “slider” today. That brings us to 5 days off in a row.

Tomorrow he’s back to work, but after calling in to check the flight schedule he found out that since he’s scheduled for a night flight, he doesn’t have to go in until 3 pm. So even though he still has to work all night, he has snagged another day off. Now we’re at 6 in a row. He’ll fly for several hours tomorrow night, sleep a few on base, and work until 4 pm Thursday afternoon (a rare 24-hour shift). Then, yes, you guessed it, he has Friday and Saturday off with duty on Sunday.

By the time he finishes this week, he’ll have worked 1 day over a 9-day period. He will have had 8 days off (6 of them in a row) and not a single one of them was charged as leave. What a lucky dog!

(PS: I apologize for the little bit of military lingo that I used. I hope that you get the gist of what I am talking about. 🙂 )

(PPS: Major thanks for the pic Melissia. She took it at a dinner that a bunch of us went to at a local bbq joint a few weeks ago.)


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