Menu Plan: May 9-15

This week was an easy one for planning. I’m leaving early Friday morning with Jesse to fly to California again to visit Jeremy. I don’t plan meals while I’m gone because the likelihood of the family following a menu without me is slim to none. The best I can do is make sure that there is food in the house and a few convenience things (like mac & cheese and frozen pizza).

Last weeks menu plan went by the wayside for the most part. I made about half of what I had planned, and none of it on the days I planned to. But that’s okay. What I didn’t make last week shows up this week and then I filled in the blanks with some simple meals to make my week easy as I finish getting ready to fly away for a few days.

Monday, May 9:

Lunch — Quesadillas
Dinner — Sausage & Potatoes

Tuesday, May 10:

Lunch — Tuna Sandwiches
Dinner — Summer Pasta

Wednesday, May 11:

Lunch — Tacos
Dinner — Sticky Chicken (we really enjoyed this a couple of weeks ago, so we’re having it again!), oven roasted potatoes, and seasoned corn

Thursday, May 12:

Lunch — Hot Dogs or Pizza at Sam’s Club, we get paid early this week (conveniently right before I leave) so I’ll be doing our semi-monthly shopping trip.
Dinner — Drip Beef (forgot to thaw the roast, so we didn’t have this last week), mashed potatoes, and carrots.

Friday, May 13 – Tuesday, May 17

The cook is gone! I’ll be back in the kitchen on Wednesday.


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