Menu Plan: May 2-8

Monday, May 2:

Lunch — Tuna sandwiches, chips and ranch dip.
Dinner — Lemon Glazed Chicken (recipe coming on Wednesday) with veggie fried rice.

Tuesday, May 3:
Playgroup at the park.

Lunch — Fend for Yourself 🙂 There is plenty available.
Dinner — Meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and seasoned corn.

Wednesday, May 4:
Bible study.

Lunch — Chicken Pot Pie Soup and homemade butterflake rolls
Dinner — Leftovers before we run out the door to church.

Thursday, May 5:

Lunch — Tacos with chips & salsa (how funny that I planned this before I realized that it was Cinco de Mayo).
Dinner — Balsamic Chicken, roasted potatoes, and corn.

Friday, May 6:

Lunch — Homemade Hamburger Helper
Dinner — Chicken Alfredo with bowtie pasta (looking for a good recipe).

Saturday, May 7:

Lunch — Spaghetti with our favorite red sauce.
Dinner — Jason and I are going out to bid farewell to some of our friends who are transferring to different duty stations in a few weeks. We’ll miss them!

Our church’s young adult group is hosting another Parent’s Night Out event. 4 hours of quality babysitting for $25 per family (no matter how many kids you have). What a deal!

Sunday, May 8: Mother’s Day!
Looking forward to a very special Mother’s Day service at church.

Lunch — Sausage & Potatoes
Dinner — Drip Beef, lemon infused potatoes, carrots, and dinner rolls.


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