Moving Again, Third Time in Mobile

About a month ago Jason was asked if he’d consider moving up to Cape Cod to help open a new hangar at the Coast Guard base there which his type of aircraft will be moving into sometime next year. We’re not due to move again for two more years, but an early transfer isn’t necessarily out of the realm of possibility. We thought about it for a couple of days and initially thought “Heck yeah, sounds awesome!” and put our name on the list of people that the command would choose from. Then we heard some things about the new hangar’s construction schedule, realized how many wonderful friends we’d be leaving, and how much we love our church. Considering all of that we decided that we are super duper happy here in Mobile and really don’t want to be moving across the country again quite yet. Yes, being in the military means that you are signing up to move several times, but we’re not ready yet.

However, we will be moving this summer anyway. Though instead of up to Massachusetts, we’ll just be going a couple of miles west to a bigger house here in Mobile. Since last summer we’ve been renting a cute little 3-bedroom home that is just barely big enough for two adults and two kids, except that we have Jason’s great-uncle Frank and my mother-in-law Carol living with us as well. We love having our big family all together, we just need more space. Four grown adults and two busy-body kids under 5 years old shouldn’t be crammed into about 1,000 square-feet.

We expressed some interest in a home via email. The pictures were beautiful but, you know, seeing a place in person gives you a better idea of how your furniture will fit, so we went to see it. The house is 4-bedrooms on a split floor plan, 3 bathrooms, 2 car garage, a big backyard with a new above-ground pool and a deck. It even has a formal dining room that we envision as a play room for the kids (mostly so that their toys won’t over-run my living room anymore). The breakfast area off the kitchen is plenty of room for our dining table and chairs.

If you remember, almost two years ago we moved from California to Alabama. We rented the first house that we saw that was in our price range. It was a little farther out of town than we wanted, but it was humongous. Also four bedrooms, but it was really a 3-bedroom with a fourth one down in the finished basement. None of us liked having a two-level home. I am not a fan of stairs and actually fell down those stairs while I was pregnant (scary!). This new house is all one level. It has an attic with floorboards, so there is plenty of storage. Right now the only storage we have is in our closets and 1-car garage. Makes for very messy and cramped spaces!

Another wonderful thing is that we will be renting from a fellow Coastie couple. Jason actually worked for the husband for a few months when they were both in Kodiak several years ago. How exciting!

At first I was apprehensive when we started considering doing another in-town move. My gut feeling was to stamp my feet like a child and say “No no no!” I took a week or so, did some Bible study, and searched my heart. I cleared my mind and opened my eyes. Really, we are a happy family all living together in one house. We had some trials in the beginning (two years ago), but what can you expect? What we had done was get married, moved across the country, and welcomed two more people into our household all within two months. Oh, don’t forget that we also went from two incomes to just one and found out that we were pregnant a few weeks after moving. Enough to make any group of people totally crazy! Well, over the last couple of months we’ve worked out the kinks and smoothed out the wrinkles. Perhaps living in such a small space for a while was a blessing in disguise? Nothing like living practically on top of each other to force us to figure out a way to make the situation work.

So, our future living situation is settled, the lease is signed. Now we just have to wait three months to move in. Aw man! I want to start packing up things we don’t need now, get the junk tossed, and plan a summer yard sale for anything worth a dime.

Oh, and once we move in I plan on taking you all on another photo tour of the new house, just like I did with the first house. This time, with furniture in it! 🙂



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