Preparing to Travel Again

I’m so very behind. It seems I always am. Then I get caught up for a few glorious days and revel in my clean kitchen, mostly picked-up house, finished laundry, and everything running on schedule. Then I notice what happens when you take a few days off… The laundry piles up to crazy mountains overtaking your bathroom floor. The dishes stack up in the sinks and cover the countertops. Kids toys come creeping out from their hiding places with great stealth. My RSS reader is backlogged with 211 unread blog posts. Suddenly I’m back where I started and feeling quite defeated. I start running all over the house trying to play catch-up with everything again and get very little accomplished. Since I’m not optimizing my time, our schedule gets off track, we eat a lot of thrown-together meals and frozen pizza, and the family gets crabby (mostly me).

Well, this week I’m flying with the boys back to California for a quick 5-day trip. It’s Monday night now and we’re flying out Thursday at 6 am. I glanced at the calendar today, looked around the house, and nearly fainted when I realized how much I need to do in such little time. I feel bad leaving Jason with a disastrous house, no clean clothes, and nothing to eat. I am now close to caught up on laundry, the kitchen is very nearly clean, and the toys are tamed.

Tomorrow I might need to skip our usual playgroup in order to finish getting things together and start packing. Our schedule on Wednesday is totally packed, so tomorrow is my only real time to get anything done before we leave on Thursday. Thank goodness we live literally across the street from the airport we’re flying from, so we can pull out of our driveway at 4:55 am and get to the airport at 5:00.

All before bedtime on Wednesday I need to:

  • Complete at least some of the homework from last week’s bible study class.
  • Finish laundry.
  • Cook a few meals.
  • Pack for 2 boys and myself.
  • Try to squeeze in playgroup (so Jeremy can see his friends again before he’s gone til June).
  • Bible study.
  • Bake 3 or 4 batches of lemon bars for Jason’s cook-out at work on Friday.
  • Wednesday night service at church.

I was also hoping to bake some cookies to leave behind with the rest of the family (and take some with the boys and I for the flights), but I really don’t think that will be happening. I’ll be incredibly lucky to get all of my list completed and still go to bed at a decent hour on Wednesday.

All in all, I know that everything will come together just fine so that I won’t have to worry and the boys and I will have a nice mini-vacation at my mom’s house. Hopefully we’ll get to see some more family and perhaps a few friends if any of them are available (hint hint, nudge nudge). I’ll just have to light a fire under my behind and work really hard tomorrow. Jason’s really great about keeping the kids entertained during the time he’s here til he leaves for work after lunch, but it’s the afternoon time that I’m worried about. I wonder if anyone wants to watch Jeremy and Jesse for a couple of hours so I can work on my Must Do list?


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