Menu Plan: March 7, 2011

We’re flipping our menu a little this month again, like it was when Jason worked the graveyard shift. Our heavier “dinner sized” meal will be eaten at lunchtime and we’ll have a lighter “lunchy” meal at dinnertime.

The reasoning behind this is because Jason has his bi-annual Coast Guard weigh-in coming up in a few weeks and will be staying at work during his dinner break to work out at the base gym instead of coming home to eat with the family as he usually does. Don’t worry, he’ll be taking leftovers to work to eat there as well. They have a cool policy that if you’re going to work-out during your break, you get to take a “sports lunch” which is 90 minutes to 2 hours instead of the usual 1-hour meal only break.

I’m stepping out of the “same old, same old” again and trying out some new recipes again. While we do love our favorites very much (well yeah, that’s how they became our favorites), I had forgotten about some old faves and wanted to shake it up a little. Since I’ll be cooking the big meal during the middle of the day, Jason will be here to entertain/keep an eye on the kids while I can cook, which will afford me the ability to pay more attention to my cooking and whip up some new stuff instead of the old stuff that I’ve made so many times I don’t need to consult the recipe anymore.

Here’s our week:

Monday, March 7:

Lunch — Beef Stroganoff, brown rice, and carrots
Dinner — Hot dogs with mac & cheese

Tuesday, March 8:
Jason has the day off (we’re in the South, Mardi Gras Day/Fat Tuesday constitutes a day off around here). We’re headed to Playgroup at the park and then a family afternoon (part of which will include me catching up on laundry – yes, it’s out of control again).

Lunch — Chicken & Bacon salad sandwiches with apple & raisin side dish
Dinner — Meatloaf with roasted potatoes, corn, and that pineapple upside down cake that I promised Jason and never made. (Sorry honey!)

Wednesday, March 9:

Lunch — Thai Chicken and fried rice
Dinner — Honey whole wheat bagels with cream cheese, peanut butter, jam, whatever you want to top them with.

Run out the door real quick to Wednesday evening church service. (I really love Wednesday nights there. I’m so glad that we live less than 10 minutes away now, instead of half an hour. Our church is awesome!)

Thursday, March 10:
MOPS! So excited, it always feels like it’s been longer than just a couple of weeks.

Lunch — Barbacoa tacos and lemon bars (Amy’s really are the best ones I’ve ever made, and I’ve tried several recipes.)
Dinner — Fend for yourself from various leftovers.

Friday, March 11:

Lunch — Roasted chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, peas & carrots.
Dinner — Enchiladas (mostly cheese, a few with barbacoa if we have any left over) and Spanish rice.

Saturday, March 12:

Brunch — Cinnamon Rolls (again, I’ve tried so many different recipes, but Amy’s are the best.)
Dinner — One-Pot Pasta with garlic toast (using this really great homemade garlic butter recipe).

Sunday, March 13:
We get home from church usually right at 1:00. When I don’t make a “real” breakfast (something other than cold cereal), we are famished by the time we get home. The few times I have made a filling breakfast we were able to wait a short while for me to make a late lunch. So, we’re going to try out a new Sunday routine: Breakfast, “Linner” (sorta like brunch but between lunch and dinner) around 1:30 or 2 pm, and then a filling snack around 7 pm.

Breakfast — Sausage, cream cheese, cheddar, crescent roll casserole (this delicious thing really needs a name rather than a list of ingredients).
Linner — Blackened Chicken with Cajun Alfredo Sauce over pasta
Snack — Apple Pie and ice cream


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