Menu Plan: 11/29/10

I’m so bad about posting my menus. I really do make them every week, but I’m horrible at Mondays and usually forget to post our meal plans.

Jason went back to the night shift during the time I was visiting family with the boys the first week of November. We’re settled back into that schedule now and

As we wrap up November and head into December (how is it December already?), here’s what Jason, Jesse and I are eating:

Monday, November 29th:

Meatloaf, seasoned corn, and leftover mashed potatoes (from Thanksgiving)

Tuesday, November 30th:

Thai Chicken and fried rice with veggies

Wednesday, December 1st:

Cheeseburger Soup & cornbread

Thursday, December 2nd:

BBQ Chicken, carrots, and parmesan pasta

Friday, December 3rd:

Beef Stroganoff, peas, and white rice

Saturday, December 4th:

Balsamic Chicken, roasted potatoes, and carrots

Sunday, December 5th:

I have no plans yet for Sunday. I’m hoping to have a nice pot roast or beef stew.


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