Thanksgiving Menu 2010

So, this year it’s just Jason and I (and Jesse too). One would think that when it’s just two people we’d just head out to dinner at a restaurant for the holiday, but nope, we’re making the same feast as usual here at home.

Last year we really enjoyed cooking with each other (regular nights it’s just me and once in a while he’ll take a turn) and we’re going to keep up the tradition again this year. 🙂

So, on our menu for this Thanksgiving are the following:

  • Turkey (roasted in the oven with just butter, salt, and pepper, perhaps a little rosemary and garlic) and gravy
  • Carrots with brown sugar and butter
  • Dressing (well, Stovetop Stuffing, the only kind Jason likes)
  • Jellied Cranberry Sauce (yes, the goop out of a can)
  • 2 Apple Pies using this crust and this filling and this crumb topping. One is for us and we’ll take the other to the guys who are standing duty tomorrow – working all night so that everyone else can be home with their families.
  • Last but not least, this fudge, because even though fudge is a Christmasey thing to me, Jason needs it for Thanksgiving too 😉

I’m making the rolls, pie, and fudge ahead of time today along with four loaves of the best banana bread in existence (just because I had some perfectly mashable ripe bananas and the oven will be on anyway). Tomorrow Jason will do the turkey while I handle the potatoes, stuffing, and carrots.

The rest of my family will be celebrating together this year at the home of my Uncle Jeff and Aunt Linda. I’ll be missing Nana’s turkey, Jim’s *bomb* mashed potatoes, my mom’s “famous” Jell-O fruit salad (love you mom), and all the different pies. I know that you all miss us and we wish we could be there too. We’ll be enjoying our own little Turkey Day right here at home with enough leftovers to last us til Christmas!

I hope you all have a lovely day tomorrow!

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