Thanksgiving 2010 – Already?!

What? Thanksgiving is in two days?

I have a turkey, potatoes, carrots, stuffing mix, and fixings for rolls and pie. However, I have no plan of attack. Also, it’s just Jason & I with Jesse this year, so there is no pressure to hurry the meal to the table at any particular time.

The two of us will be enjoying our day, cooking together as we did last year, snacking as we cook. Whenever our feast is done, that’s when we’ll eat!

It seems strange that it’ll just be the two of us and a baby. Last year our group was larger by three people (my Jeremy, Jason’s mom, and Uncle Frank), but they’re all in California this time. Every Thanksgiving before last year we spent with our extended families. I’m still getting used to being so far from them; I haven’t been a military wife for very long.

I’m counting my blessings though…
– Jason doesn’t have to work this holiday, so he’ll be home with Jesse and I.
– If he did have to work, we have wonderful local friends who would share their holiday with the baby and I and send a plate home for Jason.
– We’re taking a 3-week vacation to California for Christmas and New Years and will have a bunch of time to spend with all our loved ones.


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