Homemade Wedding Cake

Wow! That’s really about the only thing that I can say about this experience. My good friend Kim and I offered to make a wedding cake for our friend Karen’s daughter. Her daughter Kara wanted a simple, elegant cake – Kim and I were up to the challenge!

I spent Thursday evening baking and getting the cake components together. With help and patience from my wonderful husband Jason, I made 12 cake layers and two huge batches of delicious frosting. As soon as each cake was cooled to room temperature, I wrapped them up separately in plastic wrap and popped them in the freezer where they rested all night.

Here are half of the cake layers.

"Secret ingredient" frosting.

On Friday I made two batches of my lemon curd (the filling requested by the bride) and assembled the layers. It is so much easier putting the layers together when you freeze them in advance. My “lemon goop” (as it is officially nicknamed) glued each of the four triple-layer cakes together and I used my super tasty frosting to apply a thin crumb coat to the outside. Back into the freezer they went for the night.

One layered-up cake.

Crumb coat.

Bright and early this morning (Saturday), Kim came over and helped me to put the finishing touches on the cakes. I put on the nice outer layer of frosting (which is a whole lot easier if the crumb coat is frozen) and Kim tried out different finishing techniques. We decided that simple sides and top were the way to go and Kim piped pretty little beads around the bottom edge.

The cakes in "plain" form.

After we delivered the cakes to the reception site at the groom’s parent’s house we added the final bits, some piped beads around the top and some really sweet bud roses to the tops. As pretty as the cakes were just plain with the topper, the bitty flowers were exactly the only thing that they needed.

Now, with flowers added.

These are the three pretty cakes, the fourth one was stashed in the kitchen as a spare just in case we needed more (which we did).

Kim Howell & I with our finished creations.

I am so proud of us. We did a beautiful job for our dear friend Kara. She had a beautiful wedding with lots of friends and family surrounding her and her new husband. Congratulations to them both in their new life together. We were truly honored to have created your cake for you. As I was leaving the reception everyone was complementing me on the cake and were so appreciative of Kim and I for going to the effort of making it from scratch. Not only was it delicious but it meant a lot to them that it was such a labor of love instead of calling in a professional. I wish I had snapped a photo of a sliced piece, but they were all snatched up so fast that I barely got one myself!

Here are the recipes I used:

Buttermilk White Cake

Lemon Curd

Light Fruity Frosting


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