Well, I think that I successfully took a weekend off.

I ignored the laundry, left the dishes, and barely cooked. I hung out with my boys giving them both extra attention since Jason was away. I wish we all could have gone to Las Vegas to see our good friends Mike & Elka get married, but we could only afford to send one of us. Since Jason was the best man, he got to go. I can hardly wait to experience their wedding as soon as someone posts pictures!

I know today is technically a holiday, but when I woke up it felt like a regular Monday. The baby was hungry and the preschooler was bugging me to read him any number of books. After my occasional insomnia got the better of me until 2 am, a 6:00 full steam ahead wake-up was unwelcome. I had been hoping for one of those slow mornings that let you ease into your day.

Anyhow, it’s 10:30. I’ve fed everyone (a certain someone has been fed three times), one is napping, I’m on my second load of laundry, and the dishwasher is loaded. As soon as Jeremy tires of playing the Cat in the Hat games at I’ll follow through on the promise I’ve been making to him all week, he will help me make some cookies. 🙂

Later on we’ll all pile into the car and head to Gulfport to pick up Jason. I know we all missed him like crazy!

So, I’m wondering… Do you feel like a day or weekend off was “successful” if at the end of it you are welcomed by all those piles of chores that you put off? Or are you on top of everything and get all your chores done before taking a day off? I know my weekend was nice because I did almost nothing but entertain my boys, but now I’m paying for it with extra laundry, dishes, and toy clutter everywhere. Can I count this as successful?

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