Menu Plan: 10/11/2010

We’ve got a busy week ahead of us so I’ve planned some simple meals to make sure I can get everyone fed on time in between rushing in and out of the door.

Monday, October 11th:

Lunch — Leftover chicken soup and warm snickerdoodle cookies 🙂

Dinner — Grilled cheese sandwiches and apple slices. Then the kids get an early bath and pajamas before we pile in the car to drive an hour to pick up Jason at the airport. He’s been in Vegas for a long weekend and we’ve missed him so much! I’m sure both children and Uncle Frank will fall asleep in the car during the drive, and then when we get home we’ll just plop them into their beds!

Tuesday, October 12th:

Lunch — Bowtie pasta with meatless red sauce (from the freezer!)

Dinner — Balsamic Chicken (I’m going to try this out in the crock pot), with rice and carrots.

Wednesday, October 13th:

Lunch — Chicken & Veggie Fried Rice with fruit cocktail. As soon as lunch is through I need to bake and freeze all the cakes required for the first wedding cake I’ve ever made. My good friend Kara is getting married on Saturday and our friend Kim and I have offered to do the cake. How exciting!

Dinner — Cheeseburger Soup and cornbread. I’m going to try to get this into the crockpot before I get the cakes going so that if my project runs into the late afternoon I won’t have to stop to make dinner. Cornbread should be easy to throw into the oven between cakes.

After dinner we have our sixth Financial Peace University class at church. Luckily, we live less than ten minutes from the church so an early dinner isn’t all that early for us. Wednesday dinners are promptly at 5 instead of 5:30 or 6ish.

Thursday, October 14th:

Hooray for MOPS! Darn September had five Thursdays and my Mothers of Preschoolers group only meets every 2nd and 4th Thursdays. It’ll have been three weeks since our last one and I’m going through MOPS withdrawals! 😉 Again, the kids and I will be getting home just in time to get lunch on the table — Tacos and sliced fruit.

Dinner — Chicken & Sausage Jambalaya (in the crock pot). I haven’t made this in years and Jason has never had it. I can’t wait! We’ll probably have leftover cornbread from Wednesday night, and that’ll go well with this too.

Friday, October 15th:

I’ve got a meeting in the morning with my new friend Prece to go over more details for the blog we are putting together for the Mobile Spouses Club. Once we done chatting, I’ll serve up simple turkey sandwiches and fruit cocktail to the family.

Dinner — BBQ Meatballs with mashed potatoes and seasoned corn. A major family favorite.

Saturday, October 16th:

Lunch — Wedding food at Kara’s reception! I’m so looking forward to her big day!

Dinner — I’m not sure what time the reception will be winding down, but whatever time we get home I certainly don’t want to be making a heavy meal. We’ll have a snacky dinner of cheese and crackers, popcorn, sliced veggies, and fruit.

Sunday, October 17th:

I’ll be helping with a wedding gift opening party for Kara and will be having lunch there. Jason and the boys will need to fend for themselves and scrounge up lunch in the form of whatever leftovers are available or the old standby – PB&J!

Dinner — The only new recipe I’ll be trying out all week: Savory Lemon Chicken (from the back of a can of Campbell’s Condensed Cream of Chicken Soup) with rice and carrots.

Like I said, crazy busy! I think I’ve accommodated our extra busy schedule pretty well and still found a way to make sure we have hearty meals. After almost three years of menu planning, I think I’ve finally gotten the hang of this! 😀


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