Menu Plan: It’s Fall Again!

Finally, fall has come back to Mobile. This past summer has been amazingly hot. Temperatures in the high 90s, and our humidity making things feel like well over 100° sometimes. I had been diligent about keeping our a/c set on 78°, the doors closed and the window shades drawn to keep the sun out. We did alright, but I’m tired of being stuck in the house when it’s beautiful outside (aside from the heat). The past few days have been much better. Cool in the morning and only getting up to the mid-80s by the afternoon. I suppose I can bring back some fall foods now.

I’ve been horrid about remembering to post my menu plans. I do still make them every single week and I’ve even been planning lunches lately instead of winging it when we get hungry. I’ve recently had requests from a couple of friends to get back to posting our menus with links to recipes and making my menu posts easier to find here. During my past few blog tweaks I removed the drop-down list that had all of my tags. I still use categories, but my menus had only been tagged. Well, I’ve painstakingly gone through and categorized all the menus and added another button – it’s up there under the Food category. I hope that helps!

Here’s what we’re having this week:

Monday, September 27th:

Lunch — PB&J sandwiches

Dinner — Treated ourselves to a night out at a local favorite, Banana Docks. I had been to Banana Docks a few times before with friends and really wanted to take Jason there. They participate, so we were able to buy for $15 a certificate for $25 worth of food. That’s a substantial $10 savings. Next time we’re going to cash-in some of our Swagbucks for the gift card. Swagbucks are free, so instead of saving only $10 we’d be saving the full $25. What a deal!

Tuesday, September 28:

Lunch — We scrounged around for leftovers.

Dinner — Tacos and pineapple

Wednesday, September 29:

Lunch — Quesadillas

Dinner — Chicken Pot Pie Soup and biscuits

Thursday, September 30:

Lunch — Tuna Sandwiches and fruit coctail

Dinner — BBQ Chicken with mashed potatoes and carrots

Friday, October 1:

Lunch — I have no idea! Oh no!

Dinner — Loaded Baked Potato Soup and pull-apart rolls

Saturday, October 2:

Lunch — Cheese Enchiladas with rice and fruit

Dinner — We’re meeting up with other couples from my MOPS group and having dinner together at church.

Sunday, October 3:

Breakfast — Scrambled eggs, bacon, fried potatoes, and fruit before church.

Lunch — Snacks (cheese and crackers, peanut butter toast, popcorn, fruit)

Dinner — Baked ziti with salad and chocolate pudding pie for dessert

I’m working on compiling a more thorough list of our favorite meals. I made a short list when I was participating in The Happy Housewife‘s Menu Planning 101 series, but now I want to expand our list in writing instead of trying to keep it up in my head. Once I have it together, I’ll add a tab up at the top of my blog to keep my list (and links to the recipes) in a place where everyone can find it. 😉 And I promise to do my best to update it fairly regularly as well.

So, what are your favorite meals? Do you have some really good ones that I should add to my family’s list?


Swagbucks is an affiliate link. I’ll get credit if you sign up through my link. Go for it!

However, I am not affiliated with or Banana Docks. Those are both straight links.

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