Gross Things Boys Do: 2

It’s 6 am.

Jeremy climbed in bed with us at who-knows-when o’clock. He was stealthy about it, I didn’t realize he was there until I rolled over and got jabbed by his elbow in my face when Jesse woke me up hungry 30 minutes ago.

I zombie-walked in the dark over to Jesse, picked up his chunky self, wobbled back to bed, and fed him. When he decided he was done with “first breakfast”, he just rolled himself from our beloved Boppy pillow to the bed. Being quite full, he then unleashed some horrible things into his diaper. Jeremy’s face was in close vicinity; I believe he was stink bombed. As they are both total boys, they slept through that.

It’s too early for this, I’m afraid of what I might find in that diaper. I think I’ll be a bad mama and wait just a little while to change it.

It’s a really good thing we have a king size bed because there are now four people in it, and all of us like our space.

Good morning!

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