Mama Needs Water

I woke up at 6:30 this morning with a raging headache brought on by being slightly dehydrated yesterday.

When I felt the headache coming on as I made a batch of cupcakes last night, I realized that I had only drank three glasses of liquids all day. A little glass of juice with breakfast, some iced tea when we got home from running errands, and another glass of tea with dinner. To try to combat the headache, I downed a big glass of orange juice before bed, thinking that the sugar would keep my head from hurting too bad while I tried to sleep.

Well, it worked all night, but by the time the alarm went off this morning my head was hurting pretty bad and I was a little dizzy as I sat up. The boys and I took it easy this morning watching a couple movies and playing with Jeremy’s new toys from his birthday. I’m feeling mostly better now, but still dragging. I managed to get breakfast and lunch on the table but I haven’t accomplished any laundry or dishes.

The cupcakes we made last night were intended to be shared with our friends at the Mommy & Me group. With Jeremy still coughing, sneezing, and sore legs from his five shots at his check-up yesterday, Jesse dealing with croup at night and a minor earache, and then my slightly dehydrated state and tiredness, we skipped Mommy & Me. Now we’ve got lots of miniature and a dozen big cupcakes and no one around to help us eat them.

I really need to get into the habit of making sure I drink enough. With Jesse constantly growing and getting all of his hydration and calories from me, this big boy of mine could take me down in a hot second by quite literally draining me of all my energy. In other words, he’ll get what he needs and leave me dried up and hungry without much to keep myself going to chase Jeremy around.

My diet is pretty healthy. I make about 80% of our meals from scratch, about 10% is boxed (like mac & cheese, the occasional frozen pizza, and pasta), and we eat out about 10% of the time. We eat good food around here and always have plenty, but I’m horrible about drinking enough. I’m supposed to be drinking 6-8 glasses of water a day. Generally I drink 3, one with each meal, or sometimes four if I drink while making dinner (it gets hot in the kitchen standing at the stove). Most of the time I feel fine, and “drinking to thirst” will usually get you enough liquid to stay hydrated. However, sometimes we run around doing errands all day, I’m wearing Jesse in my Moby wrap sweating in the Southern heat and working off extra calories carrying the boy and walking faster than normal to keep up with Jeremy and I forget about that bottle of water that I tucked into the diaper bag.

Any ideas to keep me from getting dehydrated again? I feel bad for keeping the boys inside all day because I just wasn’t up to getting out of bed and driving over to hang out with other kids and moms this morning.


2 thoughts on “Mama Needs Water

  1. De

    It’s gotta be tough keeping up with the 2 littles and all of your house responsibilities. I read your post and remember the Dr.Oz show from a bit ago; he suggest water before bed at your night table. I would be telling anyone else to carry around a bottle as a reminder…. but I’m not sure that would be effective for you. You could try to make a conscious effort to connect sipping water to something like the boys asking for a snack or your attention. I don’t know if it’s the perfect answer…
    I’ve heard 32 ounces daily, but obviously it’s easier to think about how many glasses vs attacking a 32 oz anything.

  2. Stephanie

    I was having a hard time staying hydrated at work, so I went to Target and found a giant jug with a refreezable core that snapped into the lid to keep it cold. I loaded it up with ice and water in the morning and had cold water to get me through the day, on top of the glass I had in the morning and the two or three glasses I had at night between when I got home and bed. Now, I just carry a glass of water from room to room depending on what I need to do and I’ve finally gotten into the habit of only having soda while I’m out to dinner, and even then not always. My family is all big water drinkers, though, so it’s ingrained.

    I agree with De, maybe make a habit of having a glass of water when you sit down to nurse (perfect time, IMO, you’re stuck stationary for the most part anyway, may as well sit down with a glass of water), when Jeremy asks for a snack, etc.


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