Snack Genius

Sometimes when you’re being weighed down by some heavy grown-up struggles, you really just need a giggle to lighten the load. Kids are the perfect medium to give you such spontaneous giggles.

Jeremy came in to the laundry room to find me and said “Mom, I need your help.”

I follow him into my kitchen and saw…

I asked Jeremy, “Why is my flour out of the pantry?”

He opened the door and showed me…

“I need a place for my stool.”

Before I could get the next question out of my mouth, he showed me why his stool needed to be in the pantry…

He needed the extra height to reach the M&Ms. Then Jeremy said to me (I swear this is as close to word-for-word as I can remember) “I wanted M&Ms, but remembered to ask you first. Mom, is it okay for me to get the M&Ms?”

How do you argue with a question like that when an almost-4 year old gets everything ready and could have easily sneaked some chocolate, but then confesses that he remembered to ask first. Sure, it was only 10 am, but I had to reward his good behavior with a small handful of M&Ms.

A little bit of chocolate before lunch is definitely a Finer Thing!

Congratulations to Amy on your new addition. I imagine your baby boy is just as gorgeous as your first three children. Hope to see pictures soon!

3 thoughts on “Snack Genius

  1. MJ Tinling

    Now if only we could get Jeremy to teach Lily that trick, my life would be SOOOOOO much easier.

    Good job, Jeremy! **and mommy 😉 **


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