Getting There

For the first time in a month, I am caught-up on a few levels…

1) Laundry. When we moved a month ago I had bushels of laundry that I had waited on from the old house because I was busy packing. Finally, the piles upon piles are no longer living in my bathroom. Who knew I had a floor in there?!

2) Dishes. Oh my goodness. For as much as I deeply love my new kitchen and really enjoy spending time in there cooking and baking for my family, I do not like doing dishes. Jason helps out a lot and I try to keep on top of it, but I can finally say that I now have a method which is keeping things under control.

3) My blog reader is EMPTY! I used to be able to stay caught-up on my favorite blogs by reading them through Google Reader on my iPod Touch during the 10-20 minute feeding sessions with Jesse several times a day. Lately he’s been so distractable that I can’t hold my iPod close enough to read. If I hold it within Jesse’s arm’s reach he will catch a glimpse of it and wave his arm around to grab at the shiny thing in my hand. This leads to him unlatching before his meal is finished, wanting to play, and then hungry again 30 minutes later. Not fun. I’ve been keeping tabs on a select few blogs but haven’t commented much. I have to say, though it was nice to have those little bits of time to read something other than Dr Seuss, it is even nicer now to have those bits of the day designated for quiet time. I ask everyone to be quiet and turn off the tv because any noise distracts my little guy. Jesse is so wonderfully social that he wants to be included in everything. In order to get him to nurse well I have to keep everything off and place my hand on the side of his face to cover his ear (which also makes him go to sleep).

I still have a few lingering boxes of miscellaneous things to go through, but I really feel completely unpacked. The stuff in the boxes is mostly just that – stuff. I’m thinking of joining (significantly late) the Declutter Challenge at Amy’s Finer Things. I’m convinced that if I haven’t needed any of it in a month or longer, then I really don’t need it at all. I was determined with this recent move that I would unpack gradually just the things we use instead of opening and emptying every box at once and ending up in a horrible cluttered mess. So far it’s working and I really can’t pinpoint what we’re missing. Jason took a big load of things to Good Will a couple weeks ago and now I’m feeling the itch to pull together a bunch more stuff to make the same journey.

In order to keep my mind off of my numerous messes this past month, I’ve been tinkering with my blog’s design. I am no professional and it still needs work, but I think it looks significantly better than the standard canned design that WordPress gives you to start with. The faces up top are really cute, but I am looking in to getting some nice family photos taken to send to family and I’d like to have our smiling faces on the landing page of my blog.

Another thing I’ve been meaning to do is get my photos organized. A lot of my posts here are “naked” – text without any pictures (like this post). I have loads of pictures, but there is no rhyme or rhythm to their disorganization since Jason and I consolidated to one computer. I need to fix that and start putting some up here.

Lastly, I will make a Household Notebook. I’ve seen lots of posts on several blogs, but FishMama’s posts especially intrigue me. I’ve been menu planning for a couple of years and I maintain a color-coded family calendar on the fridge, but there are many other bits of information involved in the running of my household that are kept up in my head. This doesn’t work for me anymore because I am becoming quite forgetful and when I travel with the boys to California and leave Jason and Uncle Frank here in Alabama, they are left hanging. I need to get myself in gear and make one of those books.

In other words, in some things I am finally caught-up but in other things I’m still getting there.

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