Chocolate Crescents

One word… YUM!

I volunteered to bring the bread to our Mother’s of Preschoolers brunch this morning. I couldn’t bring just a plain old sliced baguette or anything, but we’re feeding roughly 10-15 women (hopefully more someday!) so I need my assignment to be three things: simple, tasty, and inexpensive.

Crescent rolls are one of my favorite breads to pair with a meal, morning, noon, or night. Their buttery flakiness pairs perfectly with whatever you decide to serve them with. But I didn’t want to bring plain crescents. I went to the store and figured that a brilliant idea would hit me at some point.

Well, crescents were on a deep sale last week ($1.68 per roll!) and as I was checking out I noticed that Hershey’s chocolate bars were only 50¢ each! I tossed a few of those into my order and decided that my brilliant simple idea was nearly complete.

Once I got home I had the thought to dress them up just a bit more with a little egg wash and some chunky raw sugar.

Line ’em up, plunk down a piece of chocolate onto each triangle, and roll ’em up. So easy.

This step isn’t necessary, but it only takes a minute. Beat up an egg with a couple tablespoons of milk, brush some over the top of each roll, and sprinkle on a bit of sugar. I love Sugar in the Raw, it gives anything such sparkle because it doesn’t just melt into whatever you’re baking like granulated sugar does.

Bake them off as your package instructs. Mine said 11-13 minutes at 375°.

Don’t they look pretty? All golden brown and sparkly on top! You can’t see it now, but there’s a beautiful little melty nugget of chocolate waiting for you inside. Enjoy!

Lastly, how can you beat making 3 dozen dessert breads for just over $10? That’s just the sale prices too, if you are a couponer I bet you could make these for close to free!


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