Menu Plan: 8-9-10

This should be a great week and I’m looking forward to trying a few new recipes….

Monday     –     Balsamic Thyme Chicken with carrots and homemade Rice-a-Roni.

Tuesday     –    Homemade pizza.

Wednesday     –     Jamaican beef patties and fries.

Thursday     –     Lemon pepper chicken with garlic parmesan pasta.

Friday     –     Group barbeque at a friend’s house. My potato cheese casserole has been requested and I’m going to do some experimenting with my lemon curd recipe. My friend Jay and I had a delicious discussion on Facebook about the lime bars I made and he had the brilliant idea to turn them into mojito bars by adding a little rum. He beat me to the punch and made margarita bars yesterday, I think I’m going to go my own way and make some mojito tarts. Yum!

Saturday     –     Chicken noodle soup and grilled cheese sandwiches.

Sunday     –     Jeremy’s home!! We’re taking him out to one of his favorite places, which you can’t get in California, Waffle House!


As usual, I’m linking up to Menu Planning Monday over at Org Junkie’s place. I love going through all those links!

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