Jesse’s Game

We’re playing a little game this week. It’s called “Starving Baby”. Usually Jesse will eat for a solid 10-15 minutes, unlatch, and we’ll pop him into his swing or highchair to hang out while I do stuff. Every now and then though, he’ll fall asleep but continue dream-feeding for a while. Normally I relish in the 30 minutes to an hour that it sometimes takes to feed my boy; sometimes I fall asleep too and we take a little nap together. Nice!

However, we just moved into a new house. About 75% of what we own is still in boxes throughout the house. I haven’t gotten to do much unpacking because my sweet little baby has decided that he is absolutely starving yet very sleepy. He is convinced that he is starving every hour or two and then falls asleep and dream-feeds each time I nurse him. Basically that means I’m sitting on my butt on my couch for half the day. Another quarter of the day is spent cooking and attempting to keep my half-boxed kitchen clean. And the last quarter of the day is spent sleeping and bathing and occasionally leaving the house.

Dear Jesse,

I really really love the special one-on-one time I get while feeding you, but we are tired of living out of boxes and the laundry pile is astronomical. Please go back to your quick feedings once in a while so that I can wash us some underwear, get rid of these boxes, and bake us some lemon bars. Thanks ever so much!!


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