Menu Plan – First Week in (Another) New Home

I haven’t written anything about our recent move. By “recent” I mean, we’ve been in our new place for three nights now. 🙂 We decided that while the house we had been renting for the past year was fine, since my mother-in-law moved back to California we just really didn’t need that much space. Also, the yard was on a pretty steep slope and not fenced at all. We found a newer house in a very quiet subdivision less than four miles from Jason’s work. It’s the perfect size for us, the yards are on the small size, but they are flat and the backyard is fully-fenced. Not too small, just right for two little boys, and it doesn’t require a ride-on mower to take care of. Another favorite thing about this place is that there are no stairs. At our old place there were stairs going from the driveway to the front door and a really steep staircase to get to the basement. I fell all the way down it once while doing the laundry and have slipped and nearly fallen a few times after that. Stairs are difficult for old Uncle Frank. He’s almost 89 years old, and I was always afraid of him slipping.

I am enjoying my kitchen too. It’s not completely unpacked yet, but I love that it is open to the dining room/living room combo. So I can be busy cooking and cleaning in there and also able to carry on a conversation with folks in the other rooms and keep an eye on the boys. We’re loving it here! Aside from the house itself, the subdivision installed a tot lot with climbing structures and swings and slides just about 5 houses down from ours. I can put Jesse in our Moby wrap and walk down to the tot lot with Jeremy on his bike as often as we want to. That’ll be fantastic. Lastly, we now live a whole lot closer to all of our friends. We left one friend back closer to our old house, but it’s less than ten miles south, not far for visiting. One particular couple that we are friends with have a little boy a year younger than Jeremy and they live just around the corner. Probably a two-minute walk from our front door. I do believe we’ll be seeing them quite a bit at the tot lot!

Our second night in this house I was able to pull out enough of my kitchen things to make a quick dinner of my old stand-by quick meal, Kraft Mac & Cheese. After four days of nothing but fast food while we were packing and moving and cleaning, my belly was seriously craving some home cooking. We very rarely eat any fast food, if we eat out it’s usually a hot dog at Sam’s Club or a nice meal at a restaurant. McDonalds and Taco Bell are great, but we’re not used to having it very often any more. Our tummys are spoiled on my home cooking and I like it that way. 😀

Now that I’m getting my kitchen more unpacked, I’m getting back to meal planning. We’re going to stick to our usual fare for breakfasts and lunches, but I like to plan dinners.

Sunday        –    Simple garlic pepper chicken, boiled potatoes, and carrots

Monday        –    Penne Pasta Skillet

Tuesday        –    Lazy Chicken, skillet corn, and white rice

Wednesday        –    BBQ meatballs, mashed potatoes, and baked apples

Thursday        –    Orange Chicken, veggie fried rice, and lemon bars (triple batch: one for home and two for Jason to share at work)

Friday            –    Baked Potato Soup, green salad, and English Muffin Bread (I’ve been wanting to try this recipe for a long time now)

Saturday        –    Pulled pork sandwiches with Ranch Potato Wedges and carrot sticks

Sunday        –    Homemade doughnuts before church, sandwiches when we get home. Chicken fried steak for dinner with rice and corn on the cob.


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3 thoughts on “Menu Plan – First Week in (Another) New Home

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