Plans for Fall 2010

Jeremy is coming home in a few weeks and I, of course, can hardly wait. As I did a few months ago, I’ve started compiling my list of things to make sure we do while he’s here before he goes back to California again at the end of October. We didn’t get to a couple of the things on our prior list, but I’m excited for the new list.

Checking out Aunt Sam's baby praying mantis. Can you see it?

  • Head to the Mobile Zoo. I didn’t even realize, until today, that we have a zoo right here in town! It looks small but it’s inexpensive and we love going to zoos. We can pack a lunch in the picnic basket that Nana & Papa gave us for Christmas and make a nice day of it.
  • Get to a baseball game. We’ve got a minor league team, the Bay Bears, right here in Mobile. I purchased tickets through a fundraiser from a friend at church and we never got to see a game before Jeremy left at the end of May. The season isn’t quite over yet and we’re going to take in one of the last games of the summer.
  • We never did get to the Exploreum in the spring, but we will definitely make sure to go over there this fall. It’s a bummer that we missed the dinosaurs exhibit that was there before, but now they are featuring a reptile exhibit and there is always a bunch of other things to look at and do there.
  • The Mobile Museum of Art had a Home School Art School program last year that we missed out on. The dates for this fall semester aren’t posted yet, but I definitely want to get Jeremy enrolled in it. He loves being creative, so I really think he’ll enjoy this program.
  • The art museum is right next to Langan Park, one of our favorites. It’s huge, has a lake with ducks and geese to feed, and a fantastic remodeled playground.
  • There is also our other favorite, Medal of Honor Park. It is the shady fenced one that I talked about last time that has a train theme and very cool wooden climbing play structures.
  • We always love the storytimes that our local libraries offer. One branch in particular has the coolest kid’s section (it takes up about a third of the library) and they always have a craft that goes along with the theme of the chosen storybooks.
  • I haven’t yet seen the Fall catalog for the Community Recreation Program, but they always have a lot of classes for kids to take. Jeremy will only be here for 2 1/2 months, so that won’t be long enough for him to join a sports team, but other classes would work around his schedule.
  • I am thrilled that our Mothers of Preschoolers group is going to be starting back up at the end of August after a summer hiatus. I’ve missed MOPS so much!
  • Our Mommy & Me group didn’t take the summer off, but it grew some and will grow again as more stay-at-home-moms have moved to the area recently when their Coast Guard husbands transferred here to Mobile. I’m excited for Jeremy to get to see his old friends again and make some new ones.
  • On top of all of this, I’ll be working with Jeremy on continuing to learn his letters and numbers. His father and I have agreed to co-homeschool Jeremy. I have been researching and reading homeschooling blogs for the past couple of years and I am certain that I can do this in partnership with Jeremy’s other grandmother (my former mother-in-law), who is a recently retired elementary school teacher. This fall will not begin his first year of formal schooling, but not long ago I purchased a fantastic great big fat workbook which has several hundred pages to help teach preschool curriculum. It’s not a formal textbook, it’s more like the biggest coloring/activity book I’ve ever seen. I’m really looking forward to this adventure in getting him ready for next year when he will begin to really “do school.” I’ll write more about our homeschooling plan later on as we get it together a little more.

Coloring in an activity book with Aunt Sam.

  • Lastly, one super important and very exciting thing happening about a month after Jeremy gets here… his FOURTH birthday! My mind starts spinning when I realize that my little man is almost 4 years old. How did this happen so quickly? We’re going to be having a party for him either at a nearby park or at home. We’ll see what the weather decides to throw at us – summer and fall here in the Gulf are fraught with sudden crazy thunderstorms and heavy rain out of the clear blue sky.

That’s quite a bit! I think we’ll stay plenty busy this fall and then come end of October I’ll take him back to California. Before I hand him off to his dad, my family and I will take him trick-or-treating. 😀 That will be a nice memory to have as we say another temporary goodbye. Though I miss him like crazy every day for the couple of months he’s gone, I really enjoy keeping my eyes peeled and searching for all the fun things that are coming up that I think my boy will enjoy during his time here with us.


2 thoughts on “Plans for Fall 2010

  1. Melissia

    Are you talking about the zoo down in Gulf Shores or am I missing one?? My cousins (from Michigan) went to the Shores Zoo with their parents and liked it. They are 15, 13, 11 years old.


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