Menu Plan: July 5

I’ve got a short busy week ahead. A few things going on each day and I’m getting on a plane (again) to take Jesse out to California to visit his brother and our family. We leave on Friday morning and come back late next Tuesday night.

I’ve baked quite a few snacks over the last couple days. Yesterday Jason and I made some delicious chocolate chip cookies and banana bread. Today I used up the last of our apples in a pie and we made a quick batch of rice crispy treats. Surprisingly, I was able to keep the kitchen clean the whole time. :O Usually it looks like a bomb went off in my kitchen after I’ve done a bunch of baking.

Here’s what’s on our menu for the next two weeks:

Monday, July 5: Hamburger Helper and homemade apple pie. Hamburger Helper and Kraft Mac & Cheese are my last two hold-outs of not-from-scratch boxed meals. I just can’t give those up, I love them too much.

Tuesday, July 6: Ribs in the crock pot (need to find a recipe), crash hot potatoes, and carrots.

Wednesday, July 7: I have a hurricane preparedness / evacuation training at 6 pm, so dinner will be sandwiches and soup before I leave and then some leftover apple pie when I get home.

Thursday, July 8: Polish sausage and fried potatoes. I love this easy one-skillet meal and it’ll be a perfect quick-fix so that I won’t have to take much time away from packing for our trip.

Friday, July 9 – Tuesday, July 13: Jason and Uncle Frank are on their own. I’m going to make a double batch of soup on Wednesday so they have something to heat up while I’m gone, but they’ll likely be surviving on mostly frozen pizza and sandwiches again.

Wednesday, July 14: Monterey Chicken. Another easy crock pot meal so I won’t have to worry about cooking while I’m busy unpacking and doing laundry.

Thursday, July 15: Fajitas with white rice and fruit.

Friday, July 16: Cherry Pork Chops with scalloped potatoes and skillet corn. I never got to this last week and want to give it another shot. I also want to make another cheesecake. The last one I did came out great.

Saturday, July 17: Thai Chicken and veggie fried rice.

Sunday, July 18: Beef Stroganoff with white rice and carrots.

I can hardly wait to see Jeremy again. We talk over Skype most nights and chat on the phone on other nights, but I haven’t hugged him or smooched his little face since I took him out there at the end of May. I miss my boy and am very glad that we make it a priority for me to take this short trips every few months to visit him. It’s so important that since he can’t be here with us all year that he doesn’t go for very long without some time with Mom.


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